Review: Hēdoïne The Edgy tights (Updated: 14/11/18)

      Back in July, Anna, one of the co-founders of Hēdoïne, contacted me to see if I am interested giving them some feedbacks for their tights.  I didn’t expect them to send the tights to me, since we are half the globe distance between each other.  Yet one day, I got an email saying they have posted the sample, and four days later, it landed in my letterbox.  When I was holding the package, I said to myself: “they really did it!”

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November 2018 Newsletter – I am Back~

      I am soooooo glad to be back home, I really missed my hosiery reviews.  Although my contracted work isn’t finished yet, I can now try out new pairs and write reviews in my downtime. Continue reading “November 2018 Newsletter – I am Back~”


September & October 2018 Newsletter – Crystal clear images from new camera

      I have started using my new Sony A7III to take photos.  I have to say, it is a huge improvement over the iPhone 6S Plus I have been using, and the Nikon DSLR I used a couple years ago. Continue reading “September & October 2018 Newsletter – Crystal clear images from new camera”