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Comparison Review: Fogal Caresse Tights Size M vs. MX

       The size chart that Fogal provides can be a bit confusing (this is especially the case if you are new to the Brand).  The main reason being is that Fogal included the size range (Small, Medium and Large respectively) and their variants (M EXTRA and L EXTRA; abbreviated as MX and LX respectively) into one size chart, thereby giving a false impression that it is a gradient of 5.  To further complicate the matter, there is no clear distinction between size M and MX if you look the chart closely.  I have been told that the MX maintains the same total length as their counterparts but provides more room for the hips.  Let’s find out if this is true. Continue reading “Comparison Review: Fogal Caresse Tights Size M vs. MX”

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Review: Wolford Pure 30 Complete Support Tights

       I previously talked about how Wolford’s innovative yarn brought the utmost comfort as experienced in Pure 50 and Pure 10 tights.  I also spoken about the addition of the Pure 30 Complete Support tights will make the range more complete.  What I didn’t anticipate is that such tights aren’t “pure” at all, read on to find out why. Continue reading “Review: Wolford Pure 30 Complete Support Tights”

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Review: Falke Fond de Poudre 10 Tights

       I haven’t fully explore Falke’s tights collection because I have had issues with sizing.  Size L is too large for me and size M is apparently the vice versa.  Size M/L seems to be the best fit but is not stocked at the online retailers I often visit.  So I took the opportunity and bought a couple pairs of tights in size M/L during my Europe break, and Fond de Poudre 10 is one of them.  Scroll down to see what’s special about them. Continue reading “Review: Falke Fond de Poudre 10 Tights”

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Review: Wolford Kaylee Tights

       There has been a trend to wear fishnet tights with jeans and leisure footwear such as sneakers.  Rather than emphasising on the “sexy” element that fishnet tights have lot to offer, they serve more of a decor, giving an added touch to the legs.  For this reason, the pattern and matching such with other clothing becomes important.  Today, we look into the Kaylee tights from Wolford, a fishnet tights characterised by macro mesh. Continue reading “Review: Wolford Kaylee Tights”

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Review: Item m6 Easy Line Super Light Tights

       ITEM m6 is a German brand that specialises in compression hosiery and shapewear.  Within hosiery, the range includes tights (solid colour or patterned), leggings, stay-ups, knee highs and socks in various denier and in different force of compression applied on certain parts of the body.  In this review, we will look into a sheer tight from ITEM m6’s EASY LINE collection, of which features a gentle leg support for smooth and beautiful slender legs. Continue reading “Review: Item m6 Easy Line Super Light Tights”