Wolford increases their hosiery prices in the U.K.

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Wolford gets help from Sid on their U.K. Online Shop

      If you have been surfing the Wolford U.K. online shop recently, you will notice that they introduced a chatbot named Sid.  It is incorporated to facilitate your shopping experience.  The main area of assist are finding items and customer service.

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Merry Christmas~

      It is another beautiful morning at home.  The sun has popped out from the hills behind, shining down our front yard.  The wind breezes, and the finches sing.  Shops are closed, and there is little traffic.  I just had my breakfast.  Now sitting in front of the desk looking towards the garden, enjoying the calmness.  But before I keep on doing that, I wish you a wonderful, meaningful Christmas.  See you all soon.

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