Wolford gets help from Sid on their U.K. Online Shop

      If you have been surfing the Wolford U.K. online shop recently, you will notice that they introduced a chatbot named Sid.  It is incorporated to facilitate your shopping experience.  The main area of assist are finding items and customer service.

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Merry Christmas~

      It is another beautiful morning at home.  The sun has popped out from the hills behind, shining down our front yard.  The wind breezes, and the finches sing.  Shops are closed, and there is little traffic.  I just had my breakfast.  Now sitting in front of the desk looking towards the garden, enjoying the calmness.  But before I keep on doing that, I wish you a wonderful, meaningful Christmas.  See you all soon.

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Does freezing the tights makes them more durable?

      I was going through my daily routine when I saw a news article* shared by Luxury Legs.  It was about a trick that freezing tights overnight and then defrost it will make the tights more run-resistant.  To be more specific, you soak the tights in water, place them in a bag and pop them in freezer overnight.  Thaw the tight until they are dry on the next day.  The article cited a fashion expert and stylist, who claims the trick is true and there is a reason behind such.  The fibres are strengthened through the freeze-defrost process.  The news quickly spread across medias.  But is this really true? Continue reading “Does freezing the tights makes them more durable?”


Heist Studios launches Heist+ to its existing styles

      Finally, the wait is over!  Heist Studios has added more sizes to their iconic seamless tights the Fifty and the Eighty.  These extended sizes (16-24) are realised after months of consultation and research.  They are available on high waistband option and in Black colour.  I have included the size chart below. Continue reading “Heist Studios launches Heist+ to its existing styles”


Gossip: You get what you pay for

      In a recent episode, the Swiss TV programme «Kassensturz» had 10 pairs of tights tested in a laboratory.  These 20 denier sheer tights are from 10 different brands, among them well-known ones like Falke, Fogal, Kunert and Wolford.  They were rated for fit, abrasion, scrub resistance, run vulnerability and durability against machine wash.  Wolford Satin Touch 20 came top in the rating, followed by a tie among Falke Pure Matt 20, Fogal Caresse and Kunert Satin Look Transparent.  What really interests me is the conclusion they made from the test. Continue reading “Gossip: You get what you pay for”


Kunert releases the SENSUAL Range for the colder months

       Kunert has just released their SENSUAL range for the coming autumn and winter.  It is characterised by their extra fine and soft feel.  The range is further divided into SENSUAL COTTON and SENSUAL SILK depending on composition.    Items include tights, leggings, knee-highs and socks.  You can view the entire range from the link at the bottom of the page. Continue reading “Kunert releases the SENSUAL Range for the colder months”