Gossip: You get what you pay for

      In a recent episode, the Swiss TV programme «Kassensturz» had 10 pairs of tights tested in a laboratory.  These 20 denier sheer tights are from 10 different brands, among them well-known ones like Falke, Fogal, Kunert and Wolford.  They were rated for fit, abrasion, scrub resistance, run vulnerability and durability against machine wash.  Wolford Satin Touch 20 came top in the rating, followed by a tie among Falke Pure Matt 20, Fogal Caresse and Kunert Satin Look Transparent.  What really interests me is the conclusion they made from the test. Continue reading “Gossip: You get what you pay for”


Kunert releases the SENSUAL Range for the colder months

       Kunert has just released their SENSUAL range for the coming autumn and winter.  It is characterised by their extra fine and soft feel.  The range is further divided into SENSUAL COTTON and SENSUAL SILK depending on composition.    Items include tights, leggings, knee-highs and socks.  You can view the entire range from the link at the bottom of the page. Continue reading “Kunert releases the SENSUAL Range for the colder months”

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Brand Intro: Swedish Stockings

       It is amazing (scary?) how social media these days can link your activity to provide Ads that are very relevant to you.  But this is how I came to know Swedish Stockings.  The Stockholm-based brand is founded by Linn Frisinger and Nadja Forsberg.  Though relatively new, they have a big vision – to change and influence hosiery industry by bringing consciousness into the field. Continue reading “Brand Intro: Swedish Stockings”


KUNERT Claudia Schiffer Legs Collection in stores now

       KUNERT has just released a limited collection named Claudia Schiffer Legs.  The collection includes five tights and one bodysuit in fishnet design.  These luxurious items are a result of a collaboration with the well-known model/actress/fashion designer of the same name.  You can swipe down and click the images for a closer look. Continue reading “KUNERT Claudia Schiffer Legs Collection in stores now”

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SS17 sale starts (Updated: 13/07/17)

       June has always been characterised by sunshine, holiday and of course, sale.  Whether you are looking for a bargain that is on your wish list or to stock for the coming seasons, now is a great time.  I have listed below sites that are on sale… Continue reading “SS17 sale starts (Updated: 13/07/17)”

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Happy first anniversary to ilovehosiery!

       Today marks the date on which I posted my first blog.  Before I blow the candlelight, I would like to thank all of you who have visited ilovehosiery.  This is a special place where everyone can share their thoughts about hosiery.  My deepest thanks goes to my partner Cindy, who has been supporting me way before the website came into existence.  Lastly, I would like to thank countless people who have worked so hard to make these products available for me.  I love you all~ Continue reading “Happy first anniversary to ilovehosiery!”