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Review: Wolford Night Glow Tights

      I originally bought this because I wanted to learn more about the “glowing” effect.  As the festive season draws closer, I realise how useful it can be. Continue reading “Review: Wolford Night Glow Tights”

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Review: Fogal Ivette Leggings

      I was going through my reviews to find that I only have two on leggings.  That was interesting because I used to wear leggings more often than tights.  I wore them when I dance, as leggings provide warmth during the winter while leaving the soles intact.  I still go dancing, and hope I could do the same.  So I picked up a couple pairs during the summer sale.  One of which, is the Ivette leggings by Fogal.

Continue reading “Review: Fogal Ivette Leggings”

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October 2017 Newsletter – Back to the basic essentials

      Welcome back to ilovehosiery and my monthly newsletter.  For those who are new to the blog, this is where I spend a bit of time sharing with you what I have done in the previous month and my plans for the coming one.  But before we do so, let us pray for the victims of last night’s shooting in Las Vegas. Continue reading “October 2017 Newsletter – Back to the basic essentials”

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Review: Falke Net Women Tights

      I was watching a live broadcast featuring Gerbe patterned tights.  One of the items that caught my attention was the Sevilla Fishnet.  It has a net appearance at close range, but turns into sheer look as you walk further away from it.  “That is pure magic!” I said to myself, and I must get one.  I eventually bought the Sevilla, as well as a box of fishnet and open-knit tights.  We are not going to look at the Sevilla just yet, but another fishnet tights that has a similar characteristic – the Nets Women Tights by Falke. Continue reading “Review: Falke Net Women Tights”

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Review: Fogal Pois Tights

       This was one of the two dotted tights I brought back from Europe.  They are available online, but I wanted to bring some souvenirs back with me.  Before we start, I’d like to say a big thank you to Laura, who helped me sorting out the colour selection.  Laura works in Fogal shop in Munich.  If you want to buy Fogal items whilst in Munich, do go and visit her (address given at the bottom of the page). Continue reading “Review: Fogal Pois Tights”


Gossip: You get what you pay for

      In a recent episode, the Swiss TV programme «Kassensturz» had 10 pairs of tights tested in a laboratory.  These 20 denier sheer tights are from 10 different brands, among them well-known ones like Falke, Fogal, Kunert and Wolford.  They were rated for fit, abrasion, scrub resistance, run vulnerability and durability against machine wash.  Wolford Satin Touch 20 came top in the rating, followed by a tie among Falke Pure Matt 20, Fogal Caresse and Kunert Satin Look Transparent.  What really interests me is the conclusion they made from the test. Continue reading “Gossip: You get what you pay for”


Kunert releases the SENSUAL Range for the colder months

       Kunert has just released their SENSUAL range for the coming autumn and winter.  It is characterised by their extra fine and soft feel.  The range is further divided into SENSUAL COTTON and SENSUAL SILK depending on composition.    Items include tights, leggings, knee-highs and socks.  You can view the entire range from the link at the bottom of the page. Continue reading “Kunert releases the SENSUAL Range for the colder months”