About 02       My name is Allan and welcome to ilovehosiery.  Here you will find detailed reviews of hosiery made by world’s top brands.  You will also find comparisons of products within a brand or among brands, that are sometimes hard to distinguish.  Finally, you will discover latest trends and information of a particular product or brand from time to time.  Feel free to surf around and make yourself comfortable.

Something about me…

“I have a passion for wearing tights and while doing so, feel them.”

About 03       I have been wearing women’s hosiery since childhood, first from mum’s knee-highs; switched to tights as I grew up.  I have been wearing Wolford since 1999, and expanded to other brands such as Gerbe, Falke, Fogal and Kunert as I started ilovehosiery.  One thing I love doing while wearing is to explore and experience the subtle characteristics in an item, whether it is hue, texture, or functionality.  Aided by my decade training in dance and body awareness, which rewards me with heightened sensitivity in the sense of touch, I am able to pinpoint characteristics in a particular item.

“I believe everyone can benefit from tights and legwear provided they have sufficient and genuine information.”

About 01       My reviews focus on each and every aspect that an item has to offer.  This includes small but important elements that are often not provided on the product description, yet affects the likelihood of us making the purchase.  With my previous training in scientific writing, you will have a detailed review from the brand’s and my perspective, both objective and subjective.  This will help you in choosing the right one.

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