April 2018 Newsletter – Time for travel (Updated: 05/04/18)

      I will be doing a lot of travel in April and May.  I am looking forward to meet people who are also passionate about hosiery.  Also to try out brands that I could not have bought online otherwise.  I will do most of my sharing on Instagram, so do follow me if you haven’t yet done (

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Review: Kunert Blue 15 tights

      I have recently been trying out hosiery made from different materials.  The reason being is to gain a better understanding of how each material feels like.  In this review, I am wearing tights made from ECONYL®, an yarn made from recycled nylon.
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Comparison Review: ITEM m6 Tights Invisible vs. Tights Super Light

      One problem I had when I first look into Item m6’s products was the degree of compression.  They don’t have a scale similar to Wolford’s Shape & Control range.  I had to make guesses based on the description of each product.  Not in the least, some of ITEM m6’s products are very expensive, limiting me to fully explore their range.  I do however, bought a couple pairs through the years.  They are Tights Invisible and Tights Super Light from ITEM m6’s Easy Line range.  I also received a pair of Tights Fine Translucent as a gift.  All of them are solid colour, basic essentials, which makes them a great choice for a comparison.

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March 2018 Newsletter – Wolford to be sold!

      You can find the full story here.  I can imagine the news hit the headlines in Austria over the last couple of days.  It must have been demoralising for the employees that the major shareholders went ahead selling their share even after the company’s revenue has been stabilised. Continue reading “March 2018 Newsletter – Wolford to be sold!”