Review: Falke Sensation 20 seamless tights

      I have done a few reviews on seamless tights and today, I’d like to do another – Sensation 20 seamless tights by Falke. Continue reading “Review: Falke Sensation 20 seamless tights”


Does freezing the tights makes them more durable?

      I was going through my daily routine when I saw a news article* shared by Luxury Legs.  It was about a trick that freezing tights overnight and then defrost it will make the tights more run-resistant.  To be more specific, you soak the tights in water, place them in a bag and pop them in freezer overnight.  Thaw the tight until they are dry on the next day.  The article cited a fashion expert and stylist, who claims the trick is true and there is a reason behind such.  The fibres are strengthened through the freeze-defrost process.  The news quickly spread across medias.  But is this really true? Continue reading “Does freezing the tights makes them more durable?”


Review: Kunert Fly & Care 40 Tights

      For a lot of people, Christmas involves travel.  It could be visiting friends and relatives or a holiday away from home.  For some people, this is the busiest time of the year.  Long hours of standing or sitting is unavoidable.  A pair of support tights can be useful in these situations.  In this review, we will look into the Fly & are 40 tights by Kunert. Continue reading “Review: Kunert Fly & Care 40 Tights”


Comparison Review: Wolford Nude 8 tights vs. Naked 8 Tights

      Their names are easy to get mixed up and their product description indistinguishable.  Yes, I am talking about the Nude 8 and Naked 8 tights from Wolford.  In this comparison, I would like show you their similarities and differences, which will help you choosing the right one. Continue reading “Comparison Review: Wolford Nude 8 tights vs. Naked 8 Tights”