Review: Heist The Thirty Tights

       To strive for a more comfortable waistband has been a goal for many hosiery makers.  One of the ways to achieve such is to increase the width of the waistband.  By increasing the covering area of the body, the band can be made with softer materials and with less tension.  However, a poor design can simply result a roll or fall down, which does the opposite of providing comfortableness.  In a previous review, we looked at the Fifty tights by Heist, which is characterised by seamless design and a wide waistband that doesn’t roll or fall down.  This time, we will examine another style by Heist, with the option of even wider waistband.  Scroll down when you are ready.

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • 15cm wide waistband acts like a belly warmer
  • Waistband works with your lower torso thanks to a “solid” panty section
  • Comfortable to wear
  • 20-25 denier appearance

First look & packaging

The packaging is the same as The Fifty reviewed last month.  You can view it from here.


Appearance & texture

       The Thirty tights are transparent (30 denier) with a total matte finish.  Similar to the Fifty, the Thirty tights are knitted in a single tube.  A hole is then created at the centre of the tube to allow the waistband to be sewn (the two sides of the tube becomes the leg part).  This explains why the knitting pattern turns horizontally at the panty, and the extra stitches on the side of the waist for reinforcement.  It feels softer and more elastic if compared to the Fifty, presumably due to a higher content of elastane used.  I have chosen the “high” waistband option this time, which measures a massive 15cm wide (or 66% wider than the low waistband option) for size M when the tights are laid on a flat surface.  Unlike the Fifty, the Thirty tights have no gusset.  The toes are not reinforced nor does the heel.

       The composition is 75% nylon and 25% elastane.


Size range

The Thirty tights uses the same measurements for sizes.  I have attached the size chart below.  Size M is used in this review.heist-the-fifty-09


       At the time of writing this review, there is only Jet Black colour available, and is used in this review.


       This is the widest waistband I have tried so far in my life.  It stretches over the waistline, with the top end lies around 2.5cm (1 inch) above the waistline.  The waistband fully covers the lower abdomen, therefore acts like a belly warmer that dancers usually wear during warm up in winter.  The waistband is slightly tight on my 28” waist, but not to the point of discomfort.  The only problem I have with extra wide waistband is I have to use more force to pull down the front side down when I go to the loo.

       In my previous review, I noticed that the horizontal flow of the knitting pattern together with a tighter waistband seam drastically minimises the likelihood of the panty section from being pulled down as a result of movement.  Such feature is also present in the Thirty tights, and in my own opinion, provides a solid foundation for both the waistband and the hose.  When I experiment the waistband by doing stretches, the waistband worked with the shape of the lower torso.  It didn’t roll or fall down, nor did it hinder my movement.  Surely, the materials used and the knitting method also played a role, but that is more of a trade secret.

       The tights are comfortable to wear.  It’s texture resembles that of the Wolford Individual 20.  It is also stretchy, of which partly compensates the mild looseness at the lower part of the legs and feet.

       The Thirty is advertised as sheer, 30 denier tights.  From my experience, it looks and feels like a pair with 20-25 denier appearance.  The same word “denier” has two meanings in this case.  The former refers to the thickness of yarn, while the latter refers to the appearance of the tights.  Different brands has different preferences when it comes to describing their products.


My verdict

       The Thirty tights are surely packed with lots of interesting features.  The high waistband is something worth going for, but if you are not so confident, the low waistband option is also available.  You can purchase the Thirty for £19 (low waistband option) or £21 (high waistband option) via online website:


3 replies on “Review: Heist The Thirty Tights”

Hi Jamie,

These tights are both men- and women-friendly. It is easier to just pull the front side down with the low waistband option (as opposed to the high ones) when go to the loo.



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