Review: Fogal All Nude Tights

       Tights are consumables.  They don’t usually last very long and have to be replaced from time to time.  I see it as an opportunity to try out different brand/styles.  When a particular style is so good that allures me to wear it on a daily basis, it enters my “must have” list.  All Nude tights by Fogal is one of them, and I can show you why.

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Soft & smooth, very comfortable to the skin
  • Powder effect for the legs
  • Very stretchy means no sag or bag
  • 2/3 of the sole is reinforced for extra durability
  • No tag or marking to help differentiate between front and rear

First look & packaging

The package is identical to the Catwalk reviewed a while ago.  If you are interested to know more, click here.


Appearance & texture

       Fogal All Nude are ultra-transparent tights (10 denier).  It has a matte appearance, but exerts a very subtle sheen under direct sunlight.  Such feature distinguishes All Nude from Catwalk, which is totally matte.  The texture feels soft & smooth, and are very stretchy.  The waistband measures 3cm wide, followed by a 2cm-wide finger band.  Such band extends to both sides of the flat seam in the panty.  The toe seams are positioned under the toes.  I also found that 2/3 of the area of the sole is reinforced.  Like the Catwalk tights I reviewed a while ago, there is no tag or marking to help differentiate between front and rear side of the tights.

The composition is 75% nylon and 25% elastane.


Above: different knitting can be seen on the sole section.

Size range

       Fogal uses an unique system for sizing.  In addition to the basic Small, Medium and Large size, there are M EXTRA and L EXTRA.  The EXTRA sizes have the same length (i.e., height range) as their counterparts but provide more room around the bottom and hips.

Fogal Catwalk 05


       At the time of writing this review, there are 9 colours available.  From left to right, they are: Blossom, Plage, Capri, Poudre, Cream, Nude, Skin, Chocolate and Noir.  Fogal also provided a guidance for colour matching, as shown below.


(Source: Fogal All Nude Tights)



       All Nude tights are very comfortable to wear.  It gives a fine and silky feel.  The powder effect are like make up for the legs; blur any spots or markings and gives an even appearance.  The ultra-transparent appearance goes all the way to the waistband, making the tights suitable with miniskirts or short shorts.

       The tights are very stretchy, and for this reason, do not sag or become baggy after prolonged wearing.

       I find it interesting that Fogal didn’t mention the reinforcement of the sole in their product description (online or on the rear cover).  It is such a great feature that deserves greater attention.  The tights are generally durable (considering they are ultra-transparent), and the reinforcement just add extra durability.

       Since there is no tags or markings to help identify front from the rear, I paid close attention to the stitches where the seam meets the waistband, which has different length on mine.  I hope this helps.


My verdict

       Ultra-transparent tights tend to have a short life expectancy.  Fogal however, has taken steps to make All Nude as durable as possible.  They are also very comfortable to wear, with features particularly matched for the summer.  No wonder it made into my “must have” list.  You can find All Nude tights on official website for CHF 29.50 (£23.08 or €27.34).  Prices can differ depending on where are you in Europe.

Fogal Official Online Shop

Lastly, what is in your “must have” list?

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