No VAT from UK Tights for orders made outside of E.U., what a surprise!

       A big thank you to Dawn and Jesse for not only refunded the VAT amount for my previous purchase, but also changed my status to NOVAT.  This is the most surprising Christmas “gift” I have ever received!

       It all happened when I enquired UK Tights regarding VAT charges for orders made outside of E.U.  Jesse, one of the customer service team, responded that because I live outside E.U. and my order are sent to address outside of E.U., I don’t have to pay VAT.  They refunded the VAT amount of my previous purchase, which was made several months ago, and changed my status to “NOVAT”, henceforth every time I log in and make an order, the purchase price will exclude VAT.  Jesse addressed that the best way for customers outside of the E.U. to receive NOVAT status is to create a Customer Account on the website (for new customers) and then contact the Customer Service to change their Customer Account Type to NOVAT.  This way, when they login to shop, all prices will be shown excluding VAT.


       The reply didn’t address the circumstance where you live within E.U. but have the order sent to a place outside of E.U. (e.g., as a gift for friends or family).  But I am sure the Customer Service will be happy to assist you.

P.S. There is still time for orders to arrive just before Xmas.  Do check with the Customer Service Team <— must have been really busy.

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