December 2018 Newsletter – ilovehosiery goes premium!

      Yes you heard it right.  ilovehosiery is now upgraded to WordPress premium account.  I have yet to fine-tune the website, but it is in my to-do list, so stay tuned.


Review: Wolford Lace Stockings and Stretch Lace Stocking Belt

      Many many years ago, I tried a pair of stay-ups.  The fit wasn’t good, may be due to the inverted pear shape of my thigh, the small sizing or both.  So I had an idea of wearing stockings.  The idea has never been executed until now, when I bought my first pair of stockings and belts – the Lace Stockings and the Stretch Lace Stocking Belt from Wolford.

      For ease of reading, this review will focus on the stockings first. This will be followed by the belt, and then the overall impression of both.