Review: Kunert Raffinesse Pinstripe Tights

      Back to work?  It would be fantastic if not.  Nonetheless, I would like to start the year with a pair of tights that are most suitable for workplace.  The Raffinesse Pinstripe Tights by Kunert.

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January 2018 Newsletter – New Year, New Start

      No, I am not talking about ilovehosiery or myself, but Fogal.  The firm received funding and is now recommencing business.  Fogal has been active on Instagram and their website are back online.  They even made in time for the winter sale, which you can check them out here.  Fogal only deliver within Switzerland at the moment though (my thanks goes to Carlos). Continue reading “January 2018 Newsletter – New Year, New Start”


Review: Kunert Fly & Care 40 Tights

      For a lot of people, Christmas involves travel.  It could be visiting friends and relatives or a holiday away from home.  For some people, this is the busiest time of the year.  Long hours of standing or sitting is unavoidable.  A pair of support tights can be useful in these situations.  In this review, we will look into the Fly & are 40 tights by Kunert. Continue reading “Review: Kunert Fly & Care 40 Tights”


Review: Kunert Blue Showpiece fishnet tights

      One of the key constituents of conscious hosiery is sustainable yarn.  There are currently two approaches of making such.  One is from biodegradable materials and the other from recycled nylon products.  In this review, we look at Kunert’s Blue Showpiece, a fishnet tights made from 100% nylon waste. Continue reading “Review: Kunert Blue Showpiece fishnet tights”


Gossip: You get what you pay for

      In a recent episode, the Swiss TV programme «Kassensturz» had 10 pairs of tights tested in a laboratory.  These 20 denier sheer tights are from 10 different brands, among them well-known ones like Falke, Fogal, Kunert and Wolford.  They were rated for fit, abrasion, scrub resistance, run vulnerability and durability against machine wash.  Wolford Satin Touch 20 came top in the rating, followed by a tie among Falke Pure Matt 20, Fogal Caresse and Kunert Satin Look Transparent.  What really interests me is the conclusion they made from the test. Continue reading “Gossip: You get what you pay for”