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My favourite online stores for hosiery

       If you live in Europe or in a metropolis, chances are you have plenty of brands and stores (both online and retail) to choose from.  What if you live outside of the E.U., or the brand you like doesn’t ship to your place of residence?  That’s what I am going to talk about today – online retailers I frequently visit. Continue reading “My favourite online stores for hosiery”


Review: Gerbe Pied de Poule Tights

       I had a chance to visit one of the Gerbe boutiques in Taiwan during my summer break, chatted with the sales assistant and picked up a pair of tights while I was there.  They are not new, made in late 2012 in fact.  However, houndstooth checks are a frequent visitor in fashion, hence you never know… Continue reading “Review: Gerbe Pied de Poule Tights”


Review: Gerbe Ethnic Colours Tights (Updated: 09/08/16)

       Realising that the company has withstand for more than a century, I know reviewing Gerbe is a must.  Though I favoured more the Voile series, but I can only obtain what is available online.  So I aimed their most recent highlights for the summer… Continue reading “Review: Gerbe Ethnic Colours Tights (Updated: 09/08/16)”