July 2020 Newsletter – Back to the modern world

      After several months of staying at home for most of the time, we finally went for a short break and stayed in a yurt.  The place is so rural that there is almost no cellular network.  This mean no Internet, no phone calls, and no disturbance.  We soaked ourselves in the hot tube under the starry night; watched the fire burn inside the fireplace and made our minds blank.  It was rejuvenating before we were back to the fast-paced modern world again.  


Review: Falke Seidenglatt 80 tights

      Falke revised the Seidenglatt range back in 2018.  The new version includes hosiery in 15, 40 and 80 denier.  We previously looked at tights in 15 and 40 denier, of which were quite different from each other in a lot of ways.  In this review, I would like to look into the 80 denier tights.  This will also be the last review for the series for now.