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SS17 sale starts (Updated: 23/06/17)

       June has always been characterised by sunshine, holiday and of course, sale.  Whether you are looking for a bargain that is on your wish list or to stock for the coming seasons, now is a great time.  I have listed below sites that are on sale… Continue reading “SS17 sale starts (Updated: 23/06/17)”

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Review: Wolford Pure 30 Complete Support Tights

       I previously talked about how Wolford’s innovative yarn brought the utmost comfort as experienced in Pure 50 and Pure 10 tights.  I also spoken about the addition of the Pure 30 Complete Support tights will make the range more complete.  What I didn’t anticipate is that such tights aren’t “pure” at all, read on to find out why. Continue reading “Review: Wolford Pure 30 Complete Support Tights”

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Review: Wolford Kaylee Tights

       There has been a trend to wear fishnet tights with jeans and leisure footwear such as sneakers.  Rather than emphasising on the “sexy” element that fishnet tights have lot to offer, they serve more of a decor, giving an added touch to the legs.  For this reason, the pattern and matching such with other clothing becomes important.  Today, we look into the Kaylee tights from Wolford, a fishnet tights characterised by macro mesh. Continue reading “Review: Wolford Kaylee Tights”

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Wolford presents the Cradle to Cradle project at Avantex Paris

       I have always wondered where those worn tights I threw away went to.  Since they are generally made from synthetic fibres, incineration is not environmentally-friendly, and they can take up to 30-40 years to decompose when placed in a landfill.  This makes tight lovers frequent polluters of planet Earth and me, the most evil of all! Continue reading “Wolford presents the Cradle to Cradle project at Avantex Paris”

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Glimpse at Wolford’s SS17 collection from Luxury-Legs (Updated: 12/12/16)

       U.K. based online retailer Luxury-Legs has shown some of the Wolford’s SS17 collection on their website, and apparently are available for purchase.  Surely the entire collection will gradually roll out.  I will update in due course. Continue reading “Glimpse at Wolford’s SS17 collection from Luxury-Legs (Updated: 12/12/16)”

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Review: Wolford Individual 10 Complete Support

       People go for body shaping hosiery because they need the vitalising property and/or the silhouette that the hosiery manifests.  I like them simply because they are generally more durable than those that doesn’t have shape & control properties and are less likely to become loose & baggy.  However, to really benefit from the properties, tights made of high quality is of essence. Continue reading “Review: Wolford Individual 10 Complete Support”