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Review: Snug Deodorant Footlets

       In contrast to the opaque tights and leg warmers advertised on the internet as an implication of freezing winter, December here has been characterised by the scorching sun.  High-denier tights are stored away, while ultra sheer tights, knee-highs, socks and footlets receives the most welcome.  To meet the change, I would like to review something different, something very much represents the summer – footlets. Continue reading “Review: Snug Deodorant Footlets”

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Review: Philippe Matignon Nudité Solaire Tights

       I did not know a lot about other brands except Wolford when I first started this blog, so I asked my friend who is also a tight lover, for recommendations.  One of the brands she replied is Philippe Matignon.  Recently, UK Tights added this brand into their stock, hence I decided to give it a go… Continue reading “Review: Philippe Matignon Nudité Solaire Tights”

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Review: Footer Deodorant Socks

       Ever been in a situation where you had a lavish dinner feast and you feel your stomach still working in the following morning?  That is exactly what I have run into.  I had a lovely time in Taiwan, replenish a variety of attire and hosiery, but I didn’t really have the time and space to review them.  Now that I am back home, I would like to first conclude my summer break series with the final review being deodorant socks made by Footer. Continue reading “Review: Footer Deodorant Socks”

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Review: Snug Deodorant Ankle Socks

       Incorporating high-tech elements into apparel and hosiery has become very common in our lives.  These element include temperature regulating properties and deodorant feature.  Being a individual with feet constantly perspiring, I rely heavily on deodorant socks to mitigate unpleasant smell.  Hence, in the second review of my Summer Break Review Series, I would like to look into a deodorant socks I have been wearing for years.

Continue reading “Review: Snug Deodorant Ankle Socks”

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Review: Gran’s Remedy Cooling Foot Powder (Updated: 18/08/16)

       Hi everyone, I am sorry for the delay.  My partner and I are taking a break.  We have been travelling to our birth place, visiting friends and relatives in the past few days.

       Situated in the subtropical region, temperatures in Taiwan has been soaring, reaching close to 40°C during sunny afternoon.  In this hot and humid environment, my body perspire even just sit on the sofa doing nothing.   This is especially the case for my feet, which are wet whenever I am awake.  Looking at the bright side, I don’t need to apply cream during winter, but they get really smelly during summer.  Since we will be staying here for the next couple of weeks, I’d like to take this opportunity to review some of the products widely used here.  The first being a foot powder that treats the problem of smelly feet or foot odour.  It was recommended by one of my close relative, who asked my to bring half a dozen of pottle for him.  Does it work?  We are about to find out.

Continue reading “Review: Gran’s Remedy Cooling Foot Powder (Updated: 18/08/16)”