May 2018 Newsletter – Recap on the road

      I am exactly half way through my journey on the other side of the world.  There is so much to see and visit.  We are also very fortunate to be serviced by very nice people, waiters, shop assistants and B&B hosts alike.

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April 2018 Newsletter – Time for travel (Updated: 05/04/18)

      I will be doing a lot of travel in April and May.  I am looking forward to meet people who are also passionate about hosiery.  Also to try out brands that I could not have bought online otherwise.  I will do most of my sharing on Instagram, so do follow me if you haven’t yet done (

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March 2018 Newsletter – Wolford to be sold!

      You can find the full story here.  I can imagine the news hit the headlines in Austria over the last couple of days.  It must have been demoralising for the employees that the major shareholders went ahead selling their share even after the company’s revenue has been stabilised. Continue reading “March 2018 Newsletter – Wolford to be sold!”


February 2018 Newsletter – Glossary added

      Finally, I have included a glossary in my blog.  It is located under the “Ilovehosiery” menu for now (see image below).  I have been compiling the list since I started.  If you are reading my reviews and suddenly you find a term unfamiliar, perhaps you can find the answer in the glossary.

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January 2018 Newsletter – New Year, New Start

      No, I am not talking about ilovehosiery or myself, but Fogal.  The firm received funding and is now recommencing business.  Fogal has been active on Instagram and their website are back online.  They even made in time for the winter sale, which you can check them out here.  Fogal only deliver within Switzerland at the moment though (my thanks goes to Carlos). Continue reading “January 2018 Newsletter – New Year, New Start”


December 2017 Newsletter – Farewell Fogal (Update: 18/02/18)

      I was saddened by the news that Fogal went bankrupt.  I have always praised their exceptional quality in sheer tights and ingenious size system.  If you like Fogal also, now is a good time to stock what is available.

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