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Brand Intro: Swedish Stockings

       It is amazing (scary?) how social media these days can link your activity to provide Ads that are very relevant to you.  But this is how I came to know Swedish Stockings.  The Stockholm-based brand is founded by Linn Frisinger and Nadja Forsberg.  Though relatively new, they have a big vision – to change and influence hosiery industry by bringing consciousness into the field. Continue reading “Brand Intro: Swedish Stockings”

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My favourite online stores for hosiery

       If you live in Europe or in a metropolis, chances are you have plenty of brands and stores (both online and retail) to choose from.  What if you live outside of the E.U., or the brand you like doesn’t ship to your place of residence?  That’s what I am going to talk about today – online retailers I frequently visit. Continue reading “My favourite online stores for hosiery”

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Mr Dior’s thoughts about stockings

       I have been reading this book written by famous fashion designer Christian Dior.  Literally, it describes Mr Dior’s thoughts about “how to look nice”.  He talks about different kinds of attire, materials, colours, accessories, and the most suitable way to make good use of them for every women.  Although the concepts are from 1950’s and earlier, some of them are still used today. Continue reading “Mr Dior’s thoughts about stockings”