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Comparison Review: Fogal Caresse Tights vs. Wolford Individual 20 Tights

       Welcome to my second comparison review.  In this post, I will be comparing two essentials from two well-known brands – the Caresse Tights from Fogal and the Individual 20 Tights from Wolford.  Both are sheer tights in total matte fashion.  Yet, there are subtleties that makes them different.  This is what I am sharing with you. Continue reading “Comparison Review: Fogal Caresse Tights vs. Wolford Individual 20 Tights”

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Comparison Review: Fogal Caresse Tights Size M vs. MX

       The size chart that Fogal provides can be a bit confusing (this is especially the case if you are new to the Brand).  The main reason being is that Fogal included the size range (Small, Medium and Large respectively) and their variants (M EXTRA and L EXTRA; abbreviated as MX and LX respectively) into one size chart, thereby giving a false impression that it is a gradient of 5.  To further complicate the matter, there is no clear distinction between size M and MX if you look the chart closely.  I have been told that the MX maintains the same total length as their counterparts but provides more room for the hips.  Let’s find out if this is true. Continue reading “Comparison Review: Fogal Caresse Tights Size M vs. MX”

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Review: Fogal Caresse Tights (Updated: 09/05/17)

       I am Allan and welcome to ilovehosiery.  For those of you who have been visiting my blog would know that I review Fogal products often.  Their top quality and reliable sizing is the key for my affection.  Today I am going to share with you another one of their basic essentials: the Caresse Tights.  In case you haven’t noticed, the review will be split into two for one specific reason.  Be sure to visit ilovehosiery from time to time and you will find out why. Continue reading “Review: Fogal Caresse Tights (Updated: 09/05/17)”

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Fogal free international delivery (Update: offer ended)

       In addition to Falke, FOGAL is also celebrating International Women’s Day by offering free worldwide shipping.  Simply add the following code “Free Shipping” during checkout and have fun shopping!  Offer is valid until March 10th, 12:00 CET. Continue reading “Fogal free international delivery (Update: offer ended)”


Meet Fogal in Munich

       One of the main purposes of this trip is to make new friends, establish ties, and through interaction I can write reviews in more depth and in a more objective manner. I was fortunate to meet Camillo, one of the shop assistants in Fogal Boutique in Munich. We had a brief chat regarding the products, and he was very helpful in assisting my selection. If you want to try Fogal, be sure to visit Camillo when you are in Munich. I am sure he and his colleague Laura will be glad to assist you. Continue reading “Meet Fogal in Munich”

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Review: Fogal All Nude Tights

       Tights are consumables.  They don’t usually last very long and have to be replaced from time to time.  I see it as an opportunity to try out different brand/styles.  When a particular style is so good that allures me to wear it on a daily basis, it enters my “must have” list.  All Nude tights by Fogal is one of them, and I can show you why. Continue reading “Review: Fogal All Nude Tights”