My name is Allan and welcome to ilovehosiery.  Here you will find detailed reviews of hosiery made by world’s top brands.  You will also find product comparisons within a brand or between brands.  Finally, you will discover latest trends and information of a particular style or brand from time to time.  Feel free to wander around and make yourself comfortable.

Little about myself…

I have a passion for wearing tights and while doing so, analyse them.

      I have been wearing tights and knee-highs since childhood.  In 1999, I bought my first pair of Wolford tights, and entered the world of luxury hosiery.  This was further expanded to other brands including Gerbe, Falke, Fogal and Kunert after I started ilovehosiery.  One thing I love doing while wearing is to explore and experience the subtle characteristics in an item, whether it is colour, texture, or functionality.  Aided by my decade training in dance and body awareness, which rewards me with heightened sensitivity in the sense of touch, I am able to pinpoint the characteristics in a particular style.

I believe everyone make the right choices provided they are given sufficient and genuine information.

      Nylon-made hosiery are easily worn and they take hundreds of years to decompose.  Yet it is fashion, hobby and in some industries, a necessity.  The purpose of this blog is to provide detailed information and personal experiences of hosiery from world’s top brands, thus helping you to make right choices.  Through your conscious decisions, we make our planet cleaner and the future brighter.