Review: Hēdoïne the BOLD 60 Denier tights

      Hey hosiery lovers, I am back 😊 and I have quite a number of styles that I’d like to share with you all…

      First, allow me to start with one of Hēdoïne’s most recent releases – the BOLD 60 Denier seamless tights.

      For high resolution photos, please visit my Google Photo album here.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊙ Can potentially wear back-to-front.
⊙ Material takes time to become comfortable.

⊗ Loose envelopment at the ankle.

Packaging & product description

      The packaging is pretty much the same as the Brand’s STATEMENT tights I reviewed before.  In short, the tights are folded and placed in a square box made of cardboard.  The name and the logo of the Brand are printed on the front side of the box.  A sticker with tights’ specs and wash instructions are placed on the rear side.

Seamless tights are made in such way that a hole is cut in the middle of the tube to place the waistband, hence the unique shape we see in this image.

      Unlike its sheer counterparts, the style is made in the U. K., presumably a response to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

      As usual, the description for the style is online only.  I have extract the info, which reads:

“The bold just got darker. 60 denier tights that prove that when darkness prevails, it’s not always a bad thing.

How they’re made: Our first 60 deniers are made using 3D knitting technology and high-quality yarns to craft a seamless, gusset-free design that’s opaque, snag-resistant, and seriously soft.

How they fit: No sagging, rolling or pinching around here – our low or high waistbands are shaping, supportive and designed to stay in place, as they should.

How they’re responsible: Made in the UK, it takes 99.98% less water to make our 60 denier tights than the average pair due to the yarns being pre-dyed. They’re also certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex® and 100% vegan.”

  • 60 denier opaque tights
  • Seamless & gusset-free
  • Sag-free
  • Low shaping waistband: 9cm / 3.5 inches
  • High shaping waistband: 15cm / 6 inches
  • Responsible water usage
  • 100% vegan, no animal testing
  • Made in the UK

Appearance & texture

      The BOLD 60 denier are opaque tights in matt fashion.  Like all Hēdoïne tights, it has a seamless panty.  The total length of the tights is approximately 84cm when laid on a flat surface.  The texture isn’t particularly soft or smooth to the touch.  I bought the low waistband option, which measures around 8.5cm wide.  Unlike the sheer tights, there is no tag attached on the waistband. The distance from the tip of the waistband to the crotch is 21cm.  There is no gusset and the toe section is not reinforced (it is already 60 denier thick).

      The composition is 88% nylon and 12% elastane.

The legs are not shaped.

Size range

      The size ranges from XS/S to L/XL.  I have included the size chart below, which Hēdoïne revised.  I bought size M/L for this review.

Hēdoïne tights size chart (sourced from Hēdoïne).


      The style only comes in black and hence this is the colour used in this review.



      The fit was very good at the panty and slightly loose on the hose.  According to the size chart, size M/L can accommodate people of up to 195cm tall!  It is thus natural that the material was not fully stretched.  Likewise, the envelopment was very good on the panty and the thigh, but quite loose at the lower calf and ankle.  I did find these areas to be unusually wide (see the image below).  I have forwarded my observation to Hēdoïne.

      The waistband fitted pretty nicely for me.  It did not exert any pressure on my 29” waist.  I’d say it is very male-friendly on this respect.  I also saw images on Instagram of pregnant women wearing Hēdoïne tights.  This shows how accommodating the waistband can be, though lean ladies may object.

      In addition, the seam at the toe section was very long.  It is definitely wider than that of Hēdoïne sheer tights.  The long seams didn’t affect the fit, but did make a difference on appearance, which I will describe in the next section.


      The tights gave a solid, black presentation to the legs.  It did exert a tint of reflective sheen when shone upon, but I’d categorise it as total matt.

      The waistband was interwoven with Hēdoïne logo.  To me, this is what makes the tights “hedonistic”.  They are hard to see though, as it is black on a fabric of the same colour.

      The extra long seams at the toe can make the front section of the feet look chunky.


      The material felt rather synthetic at first.  The tights gradually softened and became much more comfortable to the skin after absorbing heat and moisture.  In other words, it needs time to settle.  This is different from that of the sheer tights I reviewed before.

      In addition, one can potentially wear it back-to-front, as there was no clear distinction between the two sides.

Final words

      The BOLD 60 Den are not quite what I expected in terms of the fitting.  I could see men and curvier women benefit more from its current sizing.  The sensation was also quite different from the sheer ones.  I have to say, Hēdoïne’s sheer tights are very hard to beat!

      Hēdoïne originally released the BOLD in 50 denier.  Such was replaced with 40, 60 and 100 denier ones.  I have a pair of 40 denier on dispatch.  I will share it with you all in due course.

      Lastly, I have words from Hēdoïne that they are in the process of revamping their packaging.  There is no confirmation on when this will happen.  However, it will be smaller, lighter and more sustainable, while maintaining the Hedonistic feel.


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