KUNERT revamps their hosiery packaging

      The Brand has been releasing products in new packaging since this summer.  They have been sharing the principle and reasons behind the change.  I have summarised them below…

I. Colour Coding (Farbcodierung)

      The background of the cover of the packaging is now colour-coded in a harmonious manner.  For example, the classic basic and fashion product can be found in a modern, light gray tone. Functional items such as the Fresh Up or Warm Up series are packaged in a fresh shade of blue or a warm shade of red.  Hence, customers can quickly find the product they want.  It also creates a sensual and modern image at the POS. 

Classic basics has a light grey background.
The Warm Up range has a red background.

II. Function Coding (Funktionscodierung)

      For Functional styles, round icons are used to indicate the type of the function(s) the style has, e.g., support class, thermal effect, ladder-resistant, etc.

“Buttons” indicating functions.

III. Product Groups (Warengruppen)

      Icons have been attached to the packaging that indicate the product group the style belongs to.  For instance, tights, knee-highs or socks.  This makes them easy to distinguish.

Icons indicating different product groups.

IV. Emotional imagery (Emotionale Bildsprache)

      The cover image focuses on the product, and what it could bring out sensually.

An example of the cover image.

      You can find out more from KUNERT’s website.  I will update when more points are released.


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