September & October 2020 Newsletter – Face masks on

      How is everyone?  We just came out of the second lockdown.  It all happened when a family of locals were tested positive for COVID-19.  The cluster rose to more than 100 cases in the course of two weeks.  It is now contained, though the origin is still known.  We now wear face masks whenever we go to public places, as a precaution.


      Last month’s reviews included a mix of sheer and opaque tights.  The Le Bourget Couture Collant Microfibre 15D tights were pretty comfortable to wear.  Yet, the pair I have suffered from minor quality issues.  The EFFORTLESS BEAUTY tights from Columbine weren’t good at all, in terms of fitting.  This was a bit of pity as I would be happy to support local products if the quality is very good.  Lastly, I have Wolford Velvet de Luxe 66 Comfort Tights, which was a revised edition of the Velvet de Luxe 66 tights with an extra wide waistband.  If you missed any of these reviews, feel free to read them in your own time from the links below:

      In addition, I have updated the review on Wolford Pure 30 Complete Support Tights.  The entire article is revised and the photos are updated with high resolution ones.  You can find the review here:

Falke celebrates 125th birthday

Falke 125 Birthday promotional image (sourced from Falke).

      A big happy birthday to Falke, as the company officially turns 125🥳  Just a couple trivia…  The first pair of Falke nylon stockings wasn’t manufactured until 1958, 63 years after the company was established.  Also, we live in a time where Falke makes knitwear for both men and women.  This wasn’t the case back then though.  Women’s fashion flourished in the 1960’s-70’s but was discontinued in 1985, in favour of a stronger focus on men’s fashion.  If you’d like to learn more about the history of Falke, you can do so via the link below:

History of Falke

Heist Studios releases new colours for Autumn

      The Brand campaigned a pre-order for their trend coloured tights back in mid August.  The new colours are Mustard, Mocha & Khaki, and are available in a new 35-denier tights.  The style will be dispatched by 17th September.  For you who have missed the pre-order, the style would be available afterwards, depending on stock.

Heist Studios’ new trend colours (sourced from Heist Studios).


      I will be away from mid September to Mid October.  My partner and I are looking forward to a trip we planned earlier.  So I will see you on my Instagram, where I occasionally post some photos of my life.

P.S.  My partner and I went to the central region of North Island, New Zealand, where snow and active volcanos are.  We had our first ski experience (in our life time).  It was exciting but I also hurt my wrist.  The cover photo shows Mt. Ngauruhoe from the room we stayed.  We literally watched the sun rise from the horizon while lying on the bed.  During the night, the sky was so clear that I was able to capture the Milky Way.

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