Comparison Review: KUNERT Mystique 20 tights vs. Wolford Edelweiss 20 Tights

      A reader of mine shared his opinions on KUNERT Mystique 20 and Wolford Individual 20 tights.  This prompted me to do a comparison.  Although I don’t have Individual 20 tights, I do have a pair of Wolford Edelweiss 20 tights.  The two styles are almost the same, as shown on the front cover of Edelweiss 20.  So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the two styles…

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Edelweiss20 TightsMystique 20 tights
Denier:20 den appearance20 den appearance
Appearance:sheer, total mattsheer, matt, a tint of reflective sheen
Reinforced toe:YesYes
Reinforced heel:NoNo
Composition:83% nylon and 17% elastane61% polyamide and 39% elastane
Size:XS to XL (5 gradients)0 to V (6 gradients)
Colour selection:89
Price:€34, £30 or $59€13

Similarities and differences

First look & packaging

      The use of materials for packaging is pretty much the same for both styles.  They all contain two layers, a cover made from cardboard and a transparent plastic sleeve for sealing.  Both styles uses a thin piece of cardboard to hold the tights in place.  In addition, both contain sufficient info on the item alone.  In other words, you don’t have to go online for more information.

Above and Below: using Mystique 20 tights as an example showing how the tights are packaged.

      Both styles fit great and are true to the size recommendation.  The Edelweiss 20 is more elastic than the Mystique 20, especially on the vertical direction.  It has a more solid envelopment than the latter for this reason.  Moreover, this effect stays throughout the day, while Mystique 20 would loosen a bit.  Such difference become more obvious after wearing them for some time.  This does not mean Mystique 20 is of a lower-quality however.  In fact, for me, both styles left no wrinkles or bag around the knees after wearing for an entire day.

      The waistband of Mystique 20 are made wider and is pressure-free.  It is thus more comfortable than that of the Edelweiss 20 when wearing for a long duration.

      The toe section of the Mystique 20 fitted nicely, with a tiny bit of pressure.  The Edelweiss 20 on the other hand, has a wider and pressure-free toe section.  I personally prefer the Edelweiss 20 for this reason.  Ladies with narrow feet may find its toe section to be too wide.


      There is a slight difference between the two styles in terms of appearance.  The Mystique 20 has a slight reflective sheen, while the Edelweiss 20 is total matt.

      The texture of Edelweiss 20 looked more uniform because the mesh is smaller than Mystique 20.  However, the tights need to be pulled up with equal force to create such effect.  If the tights are too large or pull up with uneven force, it would create horizontal lines on some areas on the legs.


      The Mystique 20 feels very smooth and silky.  The Edelweiss 20 is unbelievably soft and smooth.  Both are very comfortable and I can wear them all day with pleasure.  Since Edelweiss 20 has a narrower waistband, it can be less favourable after wearing them for a long time.

      I find that Edelweiss 20 traps more heat than the Mystique 20.  Depending on the weather, one may find it a pro or a con.

ilovehosiery advice

      Both styles are high quality-built and are very comfy to wear.  Each has its strengths and vice versa.  As for the price, Mystique 20 definitely has the advantage.  Ultimately, it may be down to which is easier for you to get your hands on.

      Edelweiss 20 is almost the same as Individual 20 tights.  They differ slightly in composition and price.  I’d certainly like to do a comparison review once I have both of them.

      If you would like to read the individual reviews for the two styles, you can find them below:

2 replies on “Comparison Review: KUNERT Mystique 20 tights vs. Wolford Edelweiss 20 Tights”

Hello. I never had a issue with my Wolfords. They are my favorite pantyhose. I’m out and about in my favorite pantyhose with shorts everyday. Spring till late summer. Stay safe, Neil


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