June 2020 Newsletter

      As our dances classes are due to start this month, our lives are 95% back to normal.  The only thing holds us from doing is long distance travelling, which we miss so much.  Having said that, now is a great time to enjoy our own “backyard”, as there are far fewer foreigners, and thus a better quality of experience.


      Last month’s reviews include two pairs of tights and one knee-highs.  The Pierre Mantoux EFFET 25 tights are not so good looking despite of having a soft sensation.  The Transparent Invisible tights are the most shiny I have reviewed in this denier (10).  However the tights’ lack of elasticity is a problem.  Wolford’s Stargaze Knee-Highs can be worn in various ways.  It is such a versatile garment to have.  If you have missed any of the reviews, feel free to read them in our own time from the links below:

Swedish Stockings is to share their recent cross-industry collaboration experiences

      The brand has turned the old and damage tights into tables and chairs.  You can find out more on my blog here.

Heist Studios summer promotions kicks off

      If you are looking for discounts to help you step in to the world of Heist Studios, then you are in the right place.  Below are some of the offers which are available until September:





      In addition to the usual three reviews, we have booked ourselves a short break.  The current conditions are so far heading in a good direction, so we may get to ski for the first time in our lives.

P.S.  Can you see the Sky Tower, one of Auckland’s landmarks in the far end of the cover image.

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