Review: Wolford Stargaze Knee-Highs

      I am as excited as you are that we are looking into a pair of knee-highs for a change.  The style is from the brand’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection.  It is named Stargaze Knee-Highs, yet it is more than just a pair of knee-highs…

      For high resolution photos, please visit my Google Photo album here.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Comfortable and stylish to wear.
⊕ A versatile piece of accessory.

⊗ Heel opening treated to be more durable, yet rough edges could snag tights (if worn together).

Packaging & product description

      The packaging is pretty much the same as those used for tights.  I will let the images speak for themselves.

      The product description online and on the rear cover are almost the same.  I have extracted the online version, which reads:

“Statement maker: The wonderfully soft, opaque knee-highs with an open forefoot section create a surprising and stylish “boot” effect when worn with pumps and high heels. The heel opening in the sock is knit in below the physical heel and stays in place thanks to a special yarn melting technology. This style is perfect for wearing as a classic knee-high sock or as arm warmers too.”

  • Comfortable, soft knitted cuffs
  • Knitted selvage 
  • Matte finish
  • Exceedingly stylish and versatile

Appearance & texture

      The Stargaze is opaque (80 denier appearance) knee-highs in matt fashion.  The total length of the knee highs is 43cm.  The texture is pretty soft and smooth.  The upper cuff measures 4cm wide while the lower cuff is 1cm wide.  Both cuffs are very elastic.  There is a 3cm-wide opening, which is around 7.5cm from the lower cuff.  Such opening allows the stiletto part of the pumps to pass through.  The knitting around the opening is treated and reinforced, making its surrounding more durable.  In addition, there is a knitted Wolford logo between the heel opening and the lower cuff.

      The composition is 97% nylon and 3% elastane.

Wolford Stargaze Knee-Highs promotional image (sourced from Wolford).

Size range and colour

      There is only one size in black colour for this style, hence this is the size and colour used in this review.


      To wear the style like the one shown in the promotional image can be tricky.  I find it easier to insert the pumps first, and then wear the style like you are putting on a pair of boots.  (In a very gentle way of course.)


      The fit was moderate.  Being one size, there were surely areas that fitted well and others not so great.  For me, the length was relatively good.  There were rooms for taller people.  I would say up to 178cm.  The material is pretty elastic, hence even if you are not as tall as I am, which is 171.5cm, I wouldn’t see that being a problem.

      The envelopment was firm on the calves but relatively loose on the ankles and feet.  The upper cuff was stretchy but pretty tight on my calves.  It left markings after wearing it a while.  The lower cuff on the other hand, was made wide, hence only gently hug the feet when wearing as knee-highs.  This was expected, as it needs to be wide enough to allow pumps to fit through.

Evidence of the upper cuff squeezing the calf.

      I also tried wearing them as arm warmers, which was mentioned in the product description.  Obviously, the length of the knee highs is longer than my arms.  To minimise crease, I had the upper cuff sitting above the elbow.  In another occasion, I had the upper cuff sitting just below the elbow.  The knee highs would crease naturally in this way.  The upper cuff was still pretty tight on my lean arms.  So yes, it provided a good grip, but would leave marks.  On the contrary, the part (including the lower cuff) that covers the hands and wrists, were pretty loose.

The upper cuff extends over the elbow.
The upper cuff sits below the elbow. The fabric creases naturally.

      These knee-highs are total matt.  This means they don’t exhibit any reflective sheen under direct lighting.  The quality looked very good, and I didn’t find any snags during unboxing.

      The presentation would differ drastically depending on how you wear them.  I tried several possibilities, including wearing the style as they as shown in the promotional image.  Maybe I was pairing them with nude-coloured pumps, they made my ankles look bulky.  For this reason, I didn’t like the presentation.  However, wearing them as knee-highs looked good to me.

      The style also looked cool as arm warmers.  Yet, I had difficulty finding suitable occasions for them.  The best I could come up is wearing them for casual, light activities, e.g., riding a bicycle.


      The knee-highs was very soft and smooth on the skin.  It felt very comfortable apart from the upper cuff, which was noticeably tight.  The style also provided a fair deal of warmth to the calves, ankles and part of the feet.  The toes are not covered so further protection would be needed on cooler days.

      The treated opening for the heels felt like fine, crisp granules of plastic burnt by a lighter.  Thus, it is a little rough, and could potentially snag if one is also wearing tights.  From the sensation point of view, the granules are very hard to notice, even with every step.

      The heel opening still looked fragile despite being reinforced.  I am yet to wear them with pumps partially covered for a longer duration.

Final words

      I like wearing them as knee-highs or as arm warmers.  For a boot effect… I may have to prepare myself psychologically first.

      The original price of the Stargaze knee-highs is €19, £19 or USD$33.  Since it has been released for over a year, you are likely to find a better deal.

Wolford Online Shop (English)

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