Review: CHARNOS Re, Cycled Sheer 15 tights

      In my sustainable hosiery review mini series, we looked at tights made from recycled materials, of various brands.  I would like to conclude the series with a pair of tights from Charnos. 

      Since Charnos does not contain any info regarding the style on their website, I relied on U.K. Tights, where I made the purchase, for the style specs.

      You can find the high resolution images via my Google Photos here.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Beautiful design of the packaging.
⊕ Powdery effect on the legs, like light make up.

⊙ Narrow hose gives the feeling of having a medium support on the legs.

⊗ No room for the toes to wiggle as the toe section is made small.

Packaging & product description

      The style uses 90% recycled paper for the entire packaging.  The method is simple: tights wrapped around a thin piece of cardboard.  It is then placed in an envelope-shaped cover.  The opening is on the front side, and a stamp-shaped sticker is used for seal.  The sticker has an image of a model wearing the style, and a brief description regarding such.  The name of the brand and the style is printed boldly on the front cover.  The product description, as we as the size charts and tights specs are printed on the rear.

      The description on the rear cover reads:

“Charnos re, cycled tights are made with luxurious Italian yarns that are produced from using the offcuts from current hosiery production.  The recycled fibres create an environmentally friendly yarn which substantially reduces effects of manufacturing, with production cutting emissions by 80% and reducing water consumption by 90%.”

      The brief description on the sticker reads:

“The Sheer 15, sustainable style removed, reborn, recycled.  15 denier luxurious matt tight made from environmentally-friendly yarn.  Made in Italy”

Appearance & texture

      The Re, Cycled Sheer 15 is needless to say, sheer (15 denier) tights in matt fashion.  It is sheer-to-waist.  The total length measures 66cm when laid on a flat surface.  The texture is soft and very stretchy.  The knitted waistband measures 2.8cm wide.  There is no tags or marks on the inner side of the waistband.  Also, there is no fingerband.  The distance between the tip of the waistband and the crotch is 17cm.  There is a gusset, and the toe is reinforced.

      The composition is 82% polyamide, 17% elastane and 1% cotton.

Size range

      The size ranges from Small to X-Large.  I have included the size chart below.  I bought Medium for this review.

Charnos Re, Cycled Sheer 15 tights size chart.


      At the time of writing this review, there are two colours available: Black and Natural.  The latter is used for this review.


      I like the design of the packaging, especially the font and the stamp-shaped sticker for the seal.  The colourful seal is in harmony with the solid coloured envelope.  The edges of the thin cardboard were very sharp, presumably laser cut.


      The fit was very good and true to the size recommendation.  Since the hoses were made narrow, the tights hugged the legs very firm.  It was as if having a medium support on the legs.  The toe section was too small though, so my toes were being squeezed.  Given the tights are especially stretchy, it is possible to go up one size.  Male in particular, could benefit from a wider toe section and hose without having the tights look budged.

      The knitted waistband rolled down a bit but didn’t cause any discomfort for me.  The absence of a tag or marks on the inner side of the waistband meant the tights could be worn on either side.  


      The style was generally matt.  It did exhibit a reflective sheen under direct sunlight.  There was a powdery effect, like a foundation that makes colour of the skin more even.  In addition, the appearance looked more like semi-sheer.

      Charnos only released one nude colour for the style.  The colour is like a cup of coffee with huge amounts of milk or cream poured in, making the hue very light and creamy.   It would be perfect for people who have lightly tanned white skin.

      I found a snag during unboxing, but it didn’t cause a ladder.  After a few pinches and massages, the snag was almost undetectable.  In addition, the colour was evenly distributed.  Overall, the quality was very good considering the price.


      The texture was very soft and moderately smooth.  It felt really good on the skin.  My toes were being squeezed though, and wasn’t comfortable after wearing it for a while.

      In addition to being look like a semi-sheer, the tights also felt like one.  It did get a little warmer with its strong hug.

Final words

      I generally don’t buy tights under £10, as they are usually not durable and thus creates environmental problems.  The Re, Cycled Sheer 15 tights from Charnos are not only very affordable, but also very comfortable to wear.  It is a pair that I will definitely buy again.

      The style is currently available at U.K. Tights for £5.99.  The range also includes 40 and 70 denier tights.

U.K. Tights

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