Wolford makes face masks while Hēdoïne donates part of revenue to WHO amidst the pandemic

      You probably have heard that LVMH are using their perfume production lines to make hand sanitisers. You may have even read that Chanel and Dior are making face masks.  But do you know that hosiery industry are also doing their part against the corona virus pandemic?

Wolford makes high quality water-repellent face masks

      The Company has been making face masks for its employees since early March.  These masks are made from double-layered high-quality breathable fabric with water-repellent property.  Its perfect fit is achieved via finest knitting, individually adaptable aluminium nose-wires and highly elastic, extra-thin bands to keep the masks in place.  The masks are washable, thus can be reused over and over again.

      A small quantity of face masks is available at €20 or £20. The income achieved only used to cover production costs, logistics and for donations to healthcare related activities to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.  (It is currently out of stock)

Wolford Online Shop (English)

Hēdoïne donates part of revenue to WHO

      The company, like most hosiery brands, are fully operational online.  You can order and receive their seamless tights as normal.  Furthermore, Hēdoïne will donate 10% of their sales made until 23 April 2020, to the World Health Organization COVID-19 Response Fund.  The donations they receive are go towards funding activities of a Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan, which includes, among others:

  • Putting in place activities to track and understand the spread of the virus;
  • Ensuring patients get the care they need;
  • Buying and ship essential supplies such as masks, gloves and protective wear for frontline workers;
  • Producing evidence-based guidelines and advice, and make sure health workers and responders get the information and training to detect and treat affected patients;
  • Producing guidance for the general public and for particular groups on measures to take to prevent the spread and prevent themselves and others;
  • Accelerating efforts to develop vaccines, tests and treatments.

      It should be noted that the list does not end here.  There are probably hundreds of companies and factories who are doing the same, but do not appear on the news channel.  I’d like to spend this moment to thank all the people involved in fighting against the pandemic.  You are all heroes👏🏻👍🏻


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