April 2020 Newsletter – Day 9 of lockdown

      Well…  The outbreak has turned into a pandemic and we are in a state of “lockdown”.

      For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, it means we must stay at home and only go out for daily necessities.  We can still shop for groceries, have our evening walk, but is limited to our vicinity.  We also have to keep a safe distance (>2m) whenever we are in contact with people other than our own household.  The lockdown is currently set for 4 weeks.  The Government will decide to extend or lift the lockdown by then.  My partner and I are safe and sound.  We work at home, and in my spare time, I do gardening, as well as tryout new hosiery, as the days start to get cooler.


      Last month’s reviews focused on tights in different deniers.  The BOLD from Hēdoïne maintains all the great features of the NUDE and the EDGY from the same company yet comes in black.  The Pamela Mann 50 Denier Recycled Yarn tights are very comfy and affordable!  The Wolford Diamond Snake Tights are great-looking, but you have to go for a larger size if you sit between sizes.  If you missed any of these reviews, feel free to read them from the links below:

Pamela Mann 50 Denier Recycled Yarn Tights 15

ilovehosiery has a G-suite account

      I have created a G-Suite account, which will allow me to store unlimited number of photos in very high resolution.  I have yet to test and see if one can view them as straightforward as they could on my Flicker.  If it looks promising, I will gradually transfer the photos onto this account.


      Stay home, be safe, keep working on these great reviews is all I can say at the moment.  Hopefully the Government will lift the lockdown by this time next month.

      P.S.  This are mandarins from our backyard.  They will probably ripe in a month’s time.  I don’t use any pesticides or chemicals, yet these mandarins will become very juicy and sweet once ripe.  I will eat them all if the lockdown is still applied😋

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