Review: Falke Step No Show Socks

      I’d like to start with something different this month, a little gift that I bought for myself sometime ago.  They are no show socks (a.k.a invisible socks) from Falke.  Just to be clear, these are designed for men.  The Brand also have a style for women bearing the same name.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Anti-slip works very well by keeping the socks in place.
⊕ Material feels pretty comfortable.

⊗ Slightly tight fit.

Packaging & product description

      The socks were secured with a piece of cardboard and packaged using a folded cardboard that only cover parts of the item.  A brief description, washing guidances and specs are printed on the rear cover.

Falke Step No Show Socks 02
Falke Step No Show Socks 03
Falke Step No Show Socks 04

      The product description is more detailed online.  I have extracted them, which reads:

“Ideal for light, elegant summer shoes – guaranteed to be non-slip thanks to its anti-slip system at the heel – invisible thanks to innovative knitting technology – perfect fit – not noticeable in shoes – made of 92% high-quality cotton.”

– Pleasant soft cotton
Optimal hold thanks to anti-slip system in heel area
– Soft edge for pressure-free fit on foot
– Cut: Medium cut
– Optimal durability thanks to reinforced stress zones
– FALKE perfect fit
– Footies in hanging packaging

Appearance & texture

      The Step No Show Socks is opaque and has a total matte appearance.   Its texture is soft and pretty elastic to the touch.  The flat elastic strap is present only at the front and rear of the opening, and are absent on the sides.  There is an anti-slip system at the inner side of the heel section.

      The composition is 92% cotton, 6% polyamide and 2% elastane.

Falke Step No Show Socks 05
The left sock shows the sole.
Falke Step No Show Socks 06
The upper sock is turned inside out to show the anti-slip system.

Size range

      The size ranges from 39-40 to 47-48.  I have included the size chart below.  Size 41-42 is used in this review.

Falke men’s socks size chart (sourced from Falke).


      At the time of writing this review, there are 6 colours available on the online shop.  They are: Black, Light Grey, Navy Blue, White, Sand and Dark Navy.  I bought Black for this review.



      The fit was slightly tight.  I usually wear size 41.5, so I was expecting a very good fit.  Instead, I had to stretch it so the rear end can fit on my heels.  Having said that, the socks were very elastic, and hence a good envelopment on the feet.  The anti-slip worked very well.  There was one occasion where I wear them and walked 4.2km non-stop.  It stayed on the heels the entire journey, and I didn’t need to stop and adjust at all!


      The appearance is… well, it is not visible when I am wearing sneakers.  With the socks alone, they are plain solid black, and basically covers the front third of the foot and the heel.  The images below shows the coverage of the socks.

Falke Step No Show Socks 07
Falke Step No Show Socks 08
Falke Step No Show Socks 09
Falke Step No Show Socks 10

      In addition, the elastic strap are flat, hence didn’t leave clear marks on the foot after taking the socks off.


      The material felt soft.  As I mentioned earlier, the sock were a bit tight.  I could feel my toes being squeezed.  The socks appear to have a pressure stripe at the mid sole of the foot, like those we see in sport socks.  In reality, I didn’t feel any pressure.  Hence this maybe just a decoration.

Final words

      I have tried few pairs of no show socks before and this style has the best anti-slip.  I definitely recommend it for this reason.

      The Step No Show Socks are available for €9 or £9

Falke (English)

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