February 2020 Newsletter – Swedish Stockings introducing Soft Wear range

      February is one of my favourite months as we get to see the new collections revealed by brands for the coming Spring/Summer season.  I usually spend some time going through the styles, and decide which ones to go for.  For brands such as Wolford, I keep a record of the styles first appeared on the website.  So if I do review them in the future, I will know when the style was released.

      One of the styles that caught my attention is the Gerda Premium Leggings from Swedish Stockings.  This is not the first time that the Company introduced leggings.  But the said “soft wear” does make it more attractive.  Softness and smoothness of recycled yarns has improved a lot over the past year or so.  It would be interesting to see what Swedish Stockings has to offer this time.  If you are also interested, I have included the product link below.

Swedish Stockings Gerda Premium Leggings (all images sourced from Swedish Stockings).

Swedish Stockings Gerda Premium Leggings


      Last month consisted of two reviews.  The Sail Net Tights is a colourful, open-knit tights from Wolford’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection.  The STATEMENT is a limited edition opaque seamless tights by Hēdoïne.  I also wrote a review comparing the sizes of the new Falke Seidenglatt 15 tights.  This was due to the notion that I find the hose length of the size M/L being too long, so I bought a size M for comparison.  If you missed any of these articles, feel free to read them from the link below.

Heist Studios monthly voucher

      In addition to the end-of-season sale, the Brand holds promotions from time to time.  Their most recent voucher will save you £5, €5 or USD$5 when you spend more than certain amount.  You can view the details as well as the codes here.

The Eighty

UK Tights goes greener

      The online retailer wrote an article about UK Tights’ effort on sustainability.  This includes changes in packaging, tips in choosing hosiery and stocks recycled tights.  You can read the full article from the link below.

UK Tights goes greener: Recycled tights and more!


      As usual, there will be three reviews at the usual date.  I have also been working on some articles, which will be posted once I have finished writing them.  Hopefully it won’t take long.  In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the month and stay safe.

P.S. the cover photo is a local beach during low tide.  In this shallow waters you will find fish, shrimps, crabs, hermit crabs and all sorts of creatures that I can’t name.  My partner and I loves to observe these little creatures swim in the water.

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