Hosiery arts

Lunar New Year’s creations

      I was writing up the review for Hēdoïne’s the STATEMENT tights when an idea struck me.  Since they are asking for feedbacks, i decided to do a prototype…

      I have always admired Hēdoïne’s logo as it is very eye-catching, so I utilised the stickers that the Brand give out in their parcels.  It took me over an hour to carve out the unwanted parts and the result was better than I anticipated.

Customised EDGY 01
Customised EDGY 02
Customised EDGY 03
Customised EDGY 04
Customised EDGY 05

      May be this will become an inspiration for Hēdoïne’s next version of the STATEMENT tights?

2 replies on “Lunar New Year’s creations”

Hello, that’s a very good idea. On black tights it could be printed in white. Maybe the placement could be discussed but other then I like it. Have a good weekend.


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