January 2020 Newsletter – Hello 2020

      Hello my dearest readers.  Hope you have enjoyed last few days of 2019 and have had a great start in the new year.  I am so excited as well, as there is a sense of novelty around me😊  I have also bought some interesting stuff during the sale.  One by one they will be revealed to you.  But first of all, let’s revise a bit…


      Last month’s reviews were characterised by three distinctive pairs of tights.  The Natural Cover Stockings (the term referring to tights in Japan) from Tabio, has the softest feel I have ever reviewed.  It is in my opinion softer than Wolford’s Pure range.  Moreover, it is ladder resistant.  The Pure Shimmer 40 Concealer Tights maintain its super soft and smooth texture, yet come in a slight sheen appearance.  Lastly, KUNERT’s Mystique 5 tights have the highest elastane content I have reviewed, making it extraordinary stretchy.  If you have missed any of the reviews, you can find their links below:

Wolford Pure Shimmer 40 Concealer Tights 21


     There have been great offers on various brands’ website and third parter online retailers since Boxing day.  Some of them have expired, some still valid.  You can check my FB page ( for any offers that I have come to notice.


      As usual, there will be three reviews in the month.  My financial status is getting worse, so I may not be able to maintain three reviews few months from now.  We will just have to see.

It is like an aftermath of a battlefield. Yet out of the mess are the foundation of my creation.

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