Review: KUNERT Mystique 5 tights

      The lighter the denier, the more delicate the tights.  For this reason, making ultra-sheer tights is always a challenge for manufactures.  For wearers, the challenge is handling them.  In this review, we look into the thinnest tights from KUNERT, the Mystique 5 tights.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Super elastic, the best I’ve seen across all deniers category.

⊙ Wide floral band acts as fingerband.
⊙ Invisible toe, suitable for sandals.

⊗ Small toe section.
⊗ Waistband rather tight.

Packaging & product description

      The Mystique 5 is packaged using the thin cardboard, tri-fold cover and transparent plastic sleeve manner.  I have taken a few photos as reference, which are shown below.

      The product description online is in German only.  I have extracted the description on the rear cover, which reads:

The perfect nude look for your legs.”

  • Flat seam and cotton gusset
  • Comfortable, non-reinforced panty with elegant patterning on the edging
  • Transparent reinforced toes
Kunert Mystique 5 01
Back to KUNERT’s conventional packaging this time.
Kunert Mystique 5 02
Kunert Mystique 5 03
Kunert Mystique 5 04
Kunert Mystique 5 05
The thin cardboard that keeps the tights in place is made from recycled paper.

Appearance & texture

      The Mystique 5 is ultra-sheer (5 denier appearance) tights in matt fashion.  It is sheer-to-waist.  The total length of the tights is 75cm when laid on a flat surface.  The texture is soft but somewhat synthetic to the touch.  The knitted waistband measures 4.5cm wide.  There is also a 6cm wide floral band immediately below the waistband.  The distance between the tip of the waistband to crotch is 20cm.  The gusset is made of cotton, and the toe section is lightly reinforced.

      The composition is 48% polyamide, 27% polyurethane and 25% elastane.

KUNERT Mystique 5 tights promotional image (sourced from KUNERT).
Kunert Mystique 5 07
Kunert Mystique 5 08
Kunert Mystique 5 09
No apparent shaping of the foot.

Size range

      The size ranges from 36/38 to 48/50.  I have attached the size chart below.  Size 40-42 (M) is used in this review.

KUNERT Mystique 5 tights size chart.


      At the time of writing this review, there are 6 colours available on KUNERT Online Shop.  They are: Candy, Hazel, Black, Cashmere, Sun and Puder.  I have purchased Puder, a nude colour, for this review.

KUNERT Mystique 5 tights colour selection (sourced from KUNERT).



      The fit was fairly good and true to the size chart recommendation.

      Mystique 5 has the highest percentage of elastane (52%) I have ever reviewed.  This means it is super stretchy!!  The result is there was a very good envelopment, particularly on the legs. Also, it didn’t bag around the knees or at the ankle, even after long periods of wearing.

      Two minor drawbacks though… The first being the small toe section.  Combined with very good elasticity, it gave very little room for my toes.  The second was that the knitted waistband is a bit tight on my waist.  It dag and rolled as soon as I put the tights on.  Having said that, these shouldn’t be a problem for ladies who have a similar silhouette like me.

Kunert Mystique 5 12
Kunert Mystique 5 13
Slightly tight on the waist.
Kunert Mystique 5 14

      The tights evened the skin tone, like a foundation on the legs.  Despite being 5 denier appearance, the tights are clearly visible.  I’d say it is more like a 10 denier tights.  One other reason that made the tights easy to spot is that it actually has a reflective sheen appearance.

Kunert Mystique 5 16
Reflective sheen under direct sunlight.
Kunert Mystique 5 17
Kunert Mystique 5 18
Kunert Mystique 5 19

      According to the description, the toe section is “transparent reinforced”.  I didn’t really see a clear distinction between the toe section and the rest of the foot.  The good side is that it is suitable with sandals, provided you have very smooth toe nails.

Kunert Mystique 5 15
No clear cut between the toe section and the rest of the foot.

      I didn’t find the floral patterns immediately below the waistband attractive.  Yet, the addition as a fingerband is very beneficial for the very delicate legwear.

      The tights is very delicate and prone to snags.  Being nude colour does made the snags less obvious to the eye.


      The tights felt pretty soft and smooth.  However, there was also a sense of synthetic – a nylon feel.

      The best feature I found with Mystique 5 is its elasticity.  To the best of my recollection, all the ultra-sheer tights I reviewed were rather weak on this aspect.  They loosely hug on the legs, and budge after wearing them for a while.  Mystique 5 on the other hand, gave a firm hug, as if having a light-to-moderate compression.

      In addition, the tights are very thin, and thus provide good ventilation.

Final words

      Mystique is the most elastic ultra-sheer tights I have reviewed so far.  This feature brought advantages and disadvantages to the tights, with the pros outweigh the cons.  If you are looking for stretchy ultra-sheer tights, I highly recommend this one.

      Mystique 5 tights is available all-year-around for €16.  If you are German or Austrian resident, you can take advantage of KUNERT’s sale, which is currently 50% off the original price.

      In addition, the Mystique 5 range also includes a toeless tights and stockings.

KUNERT Online Shop (German)

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