December 2019 Newsletter – Season’s greetings

      Hello my dearest readers~  Hope you all have had a wonderful time shopping last weekend.  I also bought some Wolford hosiery and clothing, which can be used for review purposes.  If you missed out, it is not too late.  You can simply go to my Facebook Page (, where I post great deals I saw.  Besides, Christmas is around the corner, so plenty of opportunities ahead.


      Last month was characterised with reviews of three fantastic products.  The BLUE 90 tights from KUNERT is said to be the first biodegradable tights.  They are soft and comfy, and comes in 4 colours.  Wolford Primrose 20 Leg Support Tights has a shiny look and moderate support on the legs.  Chances are they are still on special price at Wolford outlets.  I definitely recommend them.  The Intrigo 20 tights are however less appealing…  If you want to know why, or you have missed any of the reviews, you can find their links below:

KUNERT Blue 90 15
Wolford Primrose 20 16

ilovehosiery is constantly upgrading

      From blog posts to website, I update them whenever I see as necessary.  Having said that, I am open to any suggestions or recommendations.  If you have any, feel free to write in the comments below.


      Apart from the three reviews, I also hope doing something special, as it is the last month of the year.  Well…  Let’s see.  In the meantime, be safe and enjoy the holiday season.

With love~

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