November 2019 Newsletter – The Spring arrives (Updated: 06 Nov 19)

      There is a beautiful tree standing outside of the room we practise yoga.  Interestingly, every time I look out from the tiny window, the leaves look brown-yellowish, waving with the wind.  It looks as if Autumn is coming and the leaves will soon detach.  However, when I stand next to it, the leaves are lemon-yellow and are full of energy, sounding the full arrival of Spring.  How is the weather over your side?  Is it chilly, or getting warmer each day?


      Last month’s reviews feature three distinctive styles.  We have a higher denier seamless tights from Heist Studios, which is especially suitable if where you resided is getting cooler day-by day.  There is also a pair of fishnet tights from Wolford in special colour.  This is ideal for Spring/Summer times.  Finally, we have a pair of socks by Japanese brand Tabio.  If you have missed any of the reviews, feel free to read them in your own time by click/tap the link below:

Heist Studio’s low waistband is now mid waistband

      I have received the news that Heist has renamed the “low waistband option” to “mid waistband option” to all of their seamless tights. I will also update all my Heist reviews regarding this change in due course.

The Low Waistband Option is now Mid Waistband Option.

Hēdoïne’s 50 denier seamless tights postpone to End of November.

      If you like Hēdoïne’s seamless tights and you have been waiting for their 50 denier equivalent, then I am afraid you have to wait a little longer.  The style arrived in late October, but sold out in just one day.  It will be back again at the end of November.  Let’s hope Hēdoïne will have sufficient stock by then.

Hēdoïne the BOLD – 50 Denier

Wolford releases Pure Shimmer 40 Concealer Tights

      It is the newest addition to the Pure range, which is characterised by extraordinary soft feel and bonded seam.  Pure Shimmer 40 Concealer Tights has a slight sheen appearance and comes in six colours.  Its size ranges from XS to XL, and currently priced at €39, £39, USD$67.

Wolford Pure Shimmer 40 Concealer Tights (sourced from Wolford).
Wolford Pure Shimmer 40 Concealer Tights in Admiral colour (sourced from Wolford).
Close shot of the Wolford Pure Shimmer 40 Concealer Tights (sourced from Wolford).


      Again, I already have three reviews in the pipeline, which will be posted at the usual time.  Until then, stay warm (cool), and keep in touch.


  • Information regarding Hēdoïne’s the BOLD 50 denier release time. (06 Nov 19)

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