Picture Review: Hēdoïne the EDGY in Martini Olive

      A big thank you to Hēdoïne for providing me a sample of the EDGY in Martini Olive.  It is a limited edition colour released in early July.  Since the style is exactly the same, I have decided to do a picture review instead.  For a full review, please visit my article on the EDGY (Mid 2019) here.


      The tights were gifted from Hēdoïne.  However, I have 100% freedom of expressing my thoughts on these tights.


The EDGY Low Waistband Option
Size: M/L
Colour: Martini Olive
Price: £28


Hēdoïne The Edgy (Mid 2019) 19
Left: Vivid Champagne; Right: Martini Olive.

      You can see from the image above that Martini Olive (right) is significantly darker than Vivid Champagne (left).  Martini Olive is more like tanned, where as Vivid Champagne is pale white.

Hēdoïne The Edgy (Mid 2019) 20
Hēdoïne The Edgy (Mid 2019) 21

      Under ambient light setting, the Martini Olive is visibly darker than my skin tone.  I usually wear trousers, so the skin colour of my legs resembles more closely to the inner side of my upper arm.

Hēdoïne The Edgy (Mid 2019) 22
Hēdoïne The Edgy (Mid 2019) 23
Hēdoïne The Edgy (Mid 2019) 24

      The colour looks lighter under direct light (the reflective sheen may have an effect on this as well). 

Final Words

      I was looking for a colour slightly darker than Vivid Champagne, suitable for Asian skin tone.  It looks fine on the website, but in actual, it is darker, like tanned colour.  I wish Hēdoïne will one day release a colour suitable for Asian people.

      The Martini Olive has been very popular, and at the time of posting this review, the colour is only available in the EDGY High Waistband: XL/XXL, and is very low on stock.  Hopefully Hēdoïne will reintroduce it next Summer.  You can shop directly from the Brand’s website:


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