Not a fan of wild life patterns? Wolford’s Free Cut Range and ATH_W Capsule Collection may be your solution

      Wild life inspired patterns has so far dominated Wolford’s Autumn/Winter 19-20 collection.  Yet, within the collection, there are two distinct product lines that is worth mentioning – the Free Cut Range and the ATH_W Capsule Collection.

The Free Cut Range

      Ever been in a situation where the skirt fits great but is slightly too long?  Or wanted to make a pair of tights into leggings but afraid it will ladder?  Wolford understands that everyone is different in terms of sizing.  So they have released 4 items which, you can shorten the length to your best fit without worrying about laddering or frayed edges.  What is more, you can add your ideas and create new looks with some customisation!  I have added the images and short videos.  You can learn more about these products or shop them from the link further down the article.

Above: Various looks as a result of cutting a pair of Crossband Net Tights.

Wolford Free Cut Range (English)

The ATH_W Capsule Collection

      The collection, as suggested by its website address, is a combination of athletic and leisure.  Wolford describes it as:

“Performing high-class materials, unlimited comfort and contemporary style meet for an exclusive get-together, contributing to all facets of a woman’s life. It ’s all about the seamless transition from day to night.”

      It has 9 items in total, and are all designed with one simple goal: make your daily life easier.  You can learn more about these products or shop them from the link further down the article.

Wolford ATH_W Capsule Collection (English)

      By the way, the wallpaper below shows the athletic wears Wolford made in 2003.

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