Hēdoïne introduces opaque seamless tights (Updated: 08 Sep 19)

      20 denier tights is not that sufficient for cooler days?  Hēdoïne has heard your plea.

Their most recent innovation: the Bold 50 Denier is an opaque (50 denier) seamless tights in black colour. Like its counterparts, the style is ladder-resistant, comes with reinforced sole, and is made with very fine yarns for the very soft feel.

The Bold 50 Denier tights will be available in size M/L first. The price is £28 for low waistband option and £30 for the high waistband one. You can get 15% off by subscribing to their newsletter. Alternatively, there is a 20% discount with subscription (which also comes with free shipping). The style will be available from mid October, yet you can now pre-order the tights from the link in the bottom of the article.

The Bold 50 Denier in low waistband option.
The Bold 50 Denier in high waistband option.



  • Updated the size availability. (08 Sep 19)

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