August & September Newsletter – Climb ev’ry mountain

      Hello and welcome to ilovehosiery’s monthly newsletter.  The biggest news this month is I will be taking a break😮

      Yes, I am going to climb Mt. Fuji in mid August with my buddies.  The three of us met while we were doing our postgraduate study.  We became best friends since.  Although we have been living in different countries, online messaging keeps us together.  This year, we have decided to meet in Japan, and climb the sacred mountain.  After the hike, my partner and I will do a bit of travel, visiting her friends and relatives.  Since I will stay in places where the average temperature is over 35°C, I won’t do reviews during this period.


      Last month’s reviews included a series of tights suitable for different weather.  For a warm, sunny day, the open-knit Chrissie tights from Wolford is a good choice.  If you happen to live in places that is currently cold and wet (like me🥶), then the thick, natural fibre tights from Oroblù will be your best companion.  If you want something eye-catching regardless of the weather, the KUNERT Claudia Schiffer No.7 tights might be what you are looking for.  I have included the link below for these reviews.  Feel free to read them at you own time.

Wolford Chrissie tights 16

      In addition, I also wrote an article about waistbands.  I have categorised various types of waistbands I see in the past 20 years.  Maybe you will find something we have in common:

Recommended reading: One that tights can’t live without – Waistbands

Le Bourget HÉRITAGE Collant Sans Couture 11


      As said earlier, I will be away for a few weeks.  But reviews will still be published before and after my break.  You can also visit my Instagram:  In addition to hosiery, I also post pictures of scenery and great food.  It records more about me as a person than mere advertisements.

P.S. the cover image was taken a few years ago when I first visited Tokyo. You can see Mt. Fuji on centre-left of the photo.

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