Limited colour edition for Hēdoïne the NUDE and EDGY (Updated: 13 Jul 19)

      Hēdoïne has released a limited colour edition for the summer.

      The Martini Olive is slightly darker than the Vivid Champagne and a bit lighter than the Smoky Whisky.  The colour is available on both low and high waistband options, and comes in all three sizes.  The price is £28 for the low waistband option and £30 for the high one.  However, you get the 3rd pair free when you buy 3 pairs and use the code: MARTINI at checkout (limited time offer).

Shop the NUDE
Shop the EDGY


  • Updated the code for promotion. (13 Jul 19)

3 replies on “Limited colour edition for Hēdoïne the NUDE and EDGY (Updated: 13 Jul 19)”

Is there a good website to buy silk socks recommended? Most of the websites I bought are UKTIGHTS and luxury.


Hi Meng,

Sorry for the late reply.
I know Oroblù and Falke make silk socks. You can check out their online shop. Falke does have physical shops in China (if that is where you are based).
The other online retailer I often go to is Hosieria. It is Germany-based but have English version. Since it is in Euros, some items are cheaper at Hosieria. They also offer VAT exemption if you are non-EU resident.
Alternatively, there is It doesn’t offer VAT exemption but their delivery cost is the lowest among online retailers. Unfortunately I didn’t see silk socks on either retailers, FYI.



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