Review: Oroblù Nikki tights

      While the temperature in Europe hit a record high, the weather here in the last couple days has been very chilly.  I was glad that I bought a couple pairs of very thick tights earlier.  They can finally be put into test…

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Very comfortable to wear, no itchy feeling even with high wool content.

⊙ Fluff balls develop easily due to its wool nature. 

⊗ Size bigger than the size chart suggested.

Packaging & product description

      The tights were packaged using a cardboard folded like a roll.  It is secured using a sticker, which has to be removed when unboxing the item.  The cardboard only partially covers the tights, so one can touch and feel and texture with ease.  This also means to examine any defects when you buy off the shelf.  The size chart is printed on the back of the cardboard and the tights’ specification are on the sticker.

      There is no product description on the back of the packaging.  I have extracted the one from official website, which reads:

“Tights with ribbed pattern, made of Merino wool and cotton on the skin, 200 denier opaque effect. Flat seams, with gusset/big gusset. Heel and toe. Formed.”

Oroblù Nikki 01
Cardboard only partially covers the item.
Oroblù Nikki 02
Oroblù Nikki 03

Appearance & texture

      The Nikki are opaque tights (200 denier) in matte fashion.  The total length of the tights is 112cm when laid on a flat surface.  It is characterised by vertical stripes, which runs from the waistband to the toe section.  The texture is soft and wooly to the touch.  The knitted waistband measures 5cm wide.  The distance between the tip of the waistband and the crotch is 26cm.  There is a gusset, which also has stripes.  The toe, sole and the heel are separately knitted and are stripe-free.

      The composition is 75% wool, 23% cotton and 2% elastane.

Oroblù Nikki tights promotional image (sourced from Oroblù).
Oroblù Nikki 05
Even the gusset has stripes.
Oroblù Nikki 06
Oroblù Nikki 07
The feet are shaped.

Size range

      There are 4 sizes available for this style.  I have included the size chart below.  Size L was used for this review.

Oroblù Nikki tights size chart.


      At the time of writing this review, there are three colours available on the website.  They are: Black Melange, Bordeaux and Moka.  The colour I bought was Bordeaux.

Oroblù Nikki tights colour selection.



      The fit was slightly big, and possibly larger than the size chart suggests.  I usually wear size L for Oroblù so I didn’t expect the tights to be particularly long.  My guess was that it lacks elastane, hence the tights has to be made longer to fit people on the right end of the size spectrum.  The envelopment was relatively good.  The tights gently hugs the legs very well.  In addition, the waistband was pretty elastic and I had no issue with such.

Oroblù Nikki 10
Oroblù Nikki 11

      “well, it certainly looked better than the rib tights in anthracite last time” said my partner.  In my opinion, the high wool content made the tights look more soft and natural than those made with cotton alone.  It also gave a high quality look.

      The Bordeaux colour was dark red, with a tint of purple and brown. As you can see, there is a colour difference between the colour palette on the website and the actual item.

      One small issue though…  Since the tights were made with natural fibre, it developed fluff balls with just a little bit of friction.

Oroblù Nikki 12
Oroblù Nikki 13

      The texture was fairly soft and smooth.  Despite being made with wool, it didn’t cause any itchiness on my legs.  Instead,  it was very comfortable to wear and kept my legs warm.  Also, the waistband was almost pressure-free, and thus very comfy on the waist too.

Final words

      The Nikki tights are made with natural fibres yet, it doesn’t cause any discomfort.  The tights also provide warmth even in chilly winter, so long as you get the size/length right.

      The tights is available for €29.95 or £24.95.  The Nikki range also includes knee-highs and socks.

Oroblù Online Shop (English)

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