Review: Swedish Stockings Maria Innovation tights

      Being an advocate for sustainable hosiery, I constantly look for these products for review.  Hence it is no coincidence that you find the Maria Innovation tights review here, so soon.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Tights made from 100% recycled material.
⊕ Eco-friendly packaging.

Packaging & product description

      The tights were kept on the spot using a thin piece of cardboard.  It is then wrapped in a transparent, plastic sleeve, before placed in a box made of recycled cardboard.  The name of the style, as well as an image of a model wearing the tights are printed on the front cover.  Also, a set of numbers “52/500” was written on the front cover.  I guess I bought number 52 of this batch of 500.  In addition, the Brand’s philosophy, composition and size chart is provided on the rear.

  One note, the packaging is not designed for long distance post delivery.  In my case, it got squashed a little.  I reworked the box so it looks nicer in front of the camera.

Swedish Stockings Maria Tights 01
Swedish Stockings Maria Tights 02
Swedish Stockings Maria Tights 03
Swedish Stockings Maria Tights 05

      With sustainability in mind, Swedish Stockings also design their packaging to be as eco-friendly as possible.  The thin piece of cardboard and the cardboard box are made mainly from recycled paper.  All packaging, including the plastic sleeve, can be recycled.

Swedish Stockings Maria Tights 06
Swedish Stockings Maria Tights 07
Swedish Stockings Maria Tights 08
Swedish Stockings Maria Tights 04

      There is actually no product description on the packaging.  Hence I have extracted it from the Brand’s website, which reads:

“MARIA is our first release from our innovations collection.  Maria is made from 100% recycled materials, but is just as fashionable as any other pair of tights.  The sheer tights are perfect to wear any season, day or night, work or play.  A true closet staple, now made super sustainable.
Sheer, 20 denier.  Knitted using recycled nylon and recycled elastane with a broad waistband, cotton gusset and toe reinforcements.”

Appearance & texture

      The MARIA Innovation are sheer tights (20 denier) in total matte fashion.  It is sheer-to-waist.  The total length from the tip of the waistband to the toe is 88cm when laid on a flat surface.  The texture is soft but not particularly smooth.  The knitted waistband measures 4cm wide.  The distance between the waistband and the crotch is 20cm.  There is a gusset, and the toe section is reinforced.

      The composition is 88% recycled polyamide and 12% recycled elastane.  Unlike the Lia tights, Swedish Stockings didn’t state where they source their yarns this time.

Swedish Stockings Maria Innovation tights promotional image (sourced from Swedish Stockings).
Swedish Stockings Maria Tights 10
Swedish Stockings Maria Tights 11
Swedish Stockings Maria Tights 12
The feet are not shaped.

Size range

      The size ranges from XS to XL.  I have included the size chart below.  Size M was used for this review.


      At the time of writing this review, there are three colours available for the style.  They are Beige, Sunkiss and Black.  The former two are nude colours with the Beige being lighter.  I bought Black for this review.


      One note on the tag…  The tag is knitted and the edge is treated so it won’t ladder.  However, the edge is quite rough, and did tangle with the tights, causing snags in my case.  I had to scissor it off as a result.  I don’t remember having this issue on Lia Premium tights or the Liv Net tights I reviewed before.


      The fit was very good.  There were rooms for taller people yet I doubted that it will fit up to 180cm as the size chart suggested.  Likewise, there was a good envelopment.  Interestingly, the hug is most evident around the knee (rather than the thigh or calf).

      I had no issues with the waistband.  It had sufficient tension yet not too tight on the waist.  Nor did it roll down or sag throughout the day.

Swedish Stockings Maria Tights 14
Swedish Stockings Maria Tights 15

      Being total matte in nature, the appearance of the Maria tights couldn’t be very attractive.  Yet it is still a decent pair of tights.  The colour was evenly distributed and there was no snags or flaws when I took it out of the box.  I would say it is more of giving the legs a different shade to match the outfit.

      Also, in contrast to the promotional image, the tights does not have a fingerband.  It is sheer-to-waist instead.

Swedish Stockings Maria Tights 16
Swedish Stockings Maria Tights 17
Swedish Stockings Maria Tights 18
Swedish Stockings Maria Tights 19

      This is perhaps the most difficult part to describe.  The texture felt soft to the skin.  Yet it was not smooth.  There was some kind of “resistance”, like stirring a spoon in a thick, creamy soup.  All in all, it was still comfortable to wear.  The breathability was decent.  The tights did seem to trap more heat than other 20 denier tights I have reviewed.  In addition, the waistband was pretty comfortable and I had no issues with it.

Final words

      The Maria Innovation is to the best of my knowledge, the first pair of tights made from 100% recycled materials.  It has a natural, plain looking, and is comfortable to wear.

      In the past, I have reviewed a few pairs of tights made from recycled nylon.  Generally speaking, hosiery brands do not make the recycled yarn themselves.  Rather, they source it from companies that specialise making them.  Their quality and texture are of course different among companies.  In this respect, I would say that the yarns that the Swedish Stockings are using have room for improvement.

      The range is currently available in tights only.  In addition to MARIA Innovation tights, the range also includes a style in 50 denier named LOVISA.  You can find out more about the range from the link below.

Swedish Stockings (English)

      If you are interested in sheer tights made from recycled nylon, do check out my review on Blue 15 tights from Kunert here.

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