June 2019 Newsletter – On the sea

      Hello my readers, how are you and are you ready for summer, or may be winter is coming to your doorsteps?  I arrived in northern Europe a week ago and hence I understand how strange it is to see the sudden change of season.  Still, I prefer long hours of sunshine then prolonged nights.


      Last month’s review was comprised of extraordinary high quality tights that are unique of their own.  The Voile 15 tights actually look sheerer than it seems.  The Divine 20 tights are made with nanofibre.  It has a very smooth texture and an appearance somehow slightly more opaque than a usual 20 denier.  The Velvet de Luxe 50 tights are very smooth, soft, and the appearance is just fabulous!  If you missed any of the reviews, you can read them from the links below:

Wolford Velvet de Luxe 50 15

End-of-season sale

      This year’s end-of-season sale started a little earlier than I expected, as UK Tights’ began their summer sale a few days ago.  There is no doubt that other brands and retailers will begin their sale very soon.  I will post them on my Facebook Page once I receive the news.


      I have pre-wrote reviews beforehand so you will be able to read them as usual.  I was going to do some minor changes to the blog’s interface but I didn’t have the time to test it out.  So I would have to postpone this until I arrive home.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy what season is to come and a great shopping experience during the sale period.

McLaren Fall Park in North Island, New Zealand
The northern coastline of Germany on the horizon. Taken at 4:25 in the morning.

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