Hēdoïne’s seamless tights now come in bigger sizes and the Edgy back in stock

      Hēdoïne has just released a bigger size for all of their styles.  The XL-XXL is equivalent to UK16-20 | EU 44-48 | US 14-18.  The bigger size is available for both high and low waistband option.

      They also restocked the Edgy with more colour options available.  It now comes in Vivid Champagne, Smoky Whisky and Spicy Praline, with the sole and the waistband being Black.  Check out the images below for the respective look.

The Edgy in Vivid Champagne.
The Edgy in Smoky Whisky.
The Edgy in Spicy Praline.
The Edgy, available in three colours.

      The price remains the same, with £28 being the low waistband option and £30 for the high one.  Hēdoïne is offering free worldwide shipping for all orders made before 31 May inclusive.  Also, the limited time 20% OFF should still be available with the code: NOLADDER.


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