Review: Oroblù Divine 20 tights

      I was so impressed with the Oroblù Divine 10 tights that when I was looking for the Brand’s next item to review, the Divine 20 tights came to my mind.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Exceptionally fine and soft texture, making the tights very comfortable to wear.
⊕ Very good envelopment on the legs, thanks to the tights’ high elasticity.

⊙ Semi-sheer look on the legs.

Packaging & product description

      The packaging is very similar to the Oroblù Divine 10 tights I reviewed before.  In brief, the tights are secured using a thin piece of cardboard.  It is then wrapped in a plastic, transparent sleeve before placed inside a thick envelope made of cardboard.  One can see the colour of the tights through the water-drop-shaped opening at the top of the envelope.  The product description, size chart and composition are printed at the back of the envelope.

      I find the product description on the back of the packaging more detailed.  I have copied it, which reads:

“Sheer tights, made of NANOFIBRES: an innovative and revolutionary tights yarn characterised by a unique and unprecedented softness.  Perfect wearability like a second skin.  High-quality finishes.  Ultra comfortable, soft waistband.  Invisible seams under clothing.  Cotton gusset.  Invisible toe.”

Oroblù Divine 20 01
Oroblù Divine 20 02
Oroblù Divine 20 03
Oroblù Divine 20 04
Oroblù Divine 20 05

Appearance & texture

      The Oroblù Divine 20 are sheer tights (20 denier) with a reflective sheen finish.  It is sheer-to-waist.  The total length of the tights is 77cm when laid on a flat surface.  The tights have a very fine and smooth texture.  Its knitted Oroblù signature waistband measures 4.5cm wide.  There is no fingerband, nor is there a tag on the inner side of the waistband.  The gusset is made of cotton, and the distance between the tip of the waistband and the crotch is 20cm.  The toe section is not reinforced (invisible toe).

      The composition is 80% polyamide and 20% elastane.

Oroblù Divine 20 tights promotional image (sourced from Oroblù).
Oroblù Divine 20 07
Oroblù Divine 20 08
No tag on the inner side of the waistband.
Oroblù Divine 20 09
Oroblù Divine 20 10
The feet are shaped.

Size range

      The size ranges from S to XL.  I have included the size chart below.  Size L is used for this review.

Oroblù Divine 20 tights size chart.


      At the time of writing this review, there are three colour available online: Black Nude and Sun.  I bought Sun for this review.

Oroblù Divine 20 tights colour selection.



      The fit was very good and true to the size recommendation.  Likewise, the envelopment was fairly good on both the panty and the legs.  I have to say the 20% elastane really helped in this regard.

      The knitted waistband also sat nicely on my waist.  The wide width prevented it from rolling downwards or dig in.  There is no tag on the inner side of the waistband.  However, you can still identify the front and the back as the feet are shaped.

Oroblù Divine 20 13
No fingerband.
Oroblù Divine 20 14

      First of all, the tights looked thicker than an ordinary 20 denier tights.  It is more like a pair of semi-sheer tights in my opinion.  The tights has a matte appearance but exhibits reflective sheen under direct sunlight (see images below).  In addition, unlike the Divine 10 tights, the Divine 20 does not have a fingerband.  But one would not notice it anyway because of its semi-sheer look.

      I deliberately chose a darker shade than my skin tone, so I could learn more about Oroblù’s nude colour spectrum.  The Sun colour is light brown, similar to the colour of a cup of coffee latte.  The hue also looked lighter when shined upon.

Oroblù Divine 20 15
Oroblù Divine 20 18
Oroblù Divine 20 19
Oroblù Divine 20 16

      The texture felt extremely soft and smooth.  It was very pleasant and comfortable to wear.  Similar to the semi-sheer look, the tights also felt slightly thicker than an usual 20 denier tights.  Yet, there was a good balance of breathability and warmth.  The waistband was also comfortable and felt almost pressure-free.

Final words

      The Divine 20 tights maintain the high quality and super soft texture of the Divine range. It is one of the best tights I have reviewed within the Brand.  The look and feel are more like a semi-sheer tights though, and thus more suitable for cooler days.  

      The Divine 20 is available online for €24.95, £21 or USD$36.

Oroblù Online Shop (English)

      You can also find my review on Divine 10 tights here.

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