Review: Wolford Aurora Leggings

      It was back in 2016 that I saw the news about Wolford developing biodegradable clothing.  I was very excited about it, but there was no sign of it ever since.  After Wolford changed hands, I thought the project died.  Yet, to my surprise, Wolford released the first batch of biodegradable clothing on the second half of last year.  They named the range Cradle to Cradle®.  I said to myself, “I must get one of these items!”

      Awareness for sustainability has risen more than ever in fashion industry.  Such trend also have an effect on hosiery makers.  The main approach currently is to use recycled nylon (or even elastane), thus decrease the dependency for fossil fuel.  This solves the problem on one end, but not the other.  As the products are still nylon in nature, they take hundreds of years to decompose.  Wolford took another approach.  They source their materials from plants.  Once the items are worn, they can be turned into nutrients for plants with some process.  This essentially solve the problem on both ends, killing two birds with one stone.

      A big thank you to my friend who used to work at Wolford.  She even managed to use her staff discount on these leggings for me.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Exceptionally soft material and pretty elastic. Very comfortable to wear.
⊕ Can be worn as leggings or trousers.

Packaging & product description

      Like the Viscool Leggings I reviewed before, the Aurora Leggings is stored in a cardboard box.  You open it by sliding the compartment to one direction, like opening a matchbox.  A cardboard is used keep the leggings in place.  There is also a small tag attached on the item.  The info given on the tag, cardboard and on the rear of the box is the same.  They all emphasise that the product is biodegradable.  Also, you receive 10% discount on your next Cradle to Cradle® purchase when you give Wolford the old one.  The product description, size chart and composition are printed on the back of the box.

      One note, Cradle to Cradle® is a registered trademark of McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry LLC.  The Cradle to Cradle Certified™ is a certificate given exclusively to products that meet the criteria set by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.  The criteria consist of five categories: material health, circular economy, renewable energy, water stewardship and social fairness.  If you are interested, you can learn more about this topic via the link below:

MBDC: How to get your product Cradle to Cradle Certified™?

      The product description is the same online and on the back of the box.  It reads:

“Sustainable innovation: The cycle of nature is our main concern when it comes to these opaque, super soft leggings. Produced from – and with – biodegradable components, these leggings are Cradle to Cradle Certified™ at the gold level and, as the name suggests, a symbol for new beginnings.”

  • 100% opaque
  • Can be worn as trousers
Wolford Aurora Leggings 01
Wolford Aurora Leggings 02
Wolford Aurora Leggings 03
A small tag is included.
Wolford Aurora Leggings 04
The cardboard keeps the leggings in place.
Wolford Aurora Leggings 05
The cardboard.
Wolford Aurora Leggings 06
The small tag.

Appearance & texture

      The Aurora Leggings has an opaque and total matte appearance.  The total length measures 92cm when laid on a flat surface.  There is no seam running through the centre of the panty.  Instead, the seams runs along the inner side of the hose, which meet at the crotch.  The texture is exceptionally soft and comfortable to the touch.  The knitted waistband measures 4.5cm wide.  There is no gusset, but special care is taken to allow one to stretch without tearing the leggings.  The distance between the tip of the waistband and the crotch is 23cm and the length from the cuff to the crotch is 70cm.  The cuff measures 2.5cm wide, and the circumference is 20cm.

      The composition is 70% modal, 26% polyamide and 4% elastane.  These fibres are specially chosen to be biodegradable.

Wolford Aurora Leggings promotional image (sourced from Wolford).
Wolford Aurora Leggings 09
Wolford Aurora Leggings 10
Wolford Aurora Leggings 08

Size range

      The size chart on the back of the packaging suggests a size ranging from XS to XXL.  I however, did not see XXL on Wolford online shop.  You may have to enquire if you are after the largest size.  I have attached the size chart below.  Size S is used in this review.

Wolford Aurora Leggings size chart.


      Currently, the style only comes in Black colour, hence I bought Black for this review.



      The fit was very good and true to the size recommendation.  This also means that it can fit up to 175cm for Size S.  I don’t have especially long legs so there were wrinkles around the knees or above the ankle.  Since they are leggings, the wrinkles didn’t bother me though.  The envelopment was very good.  The material is pretty stretchy and hence hug the lower body and legs firmly.  In addition, the knitted waistband was wide and comfortable.  I had no issues with such.

Wolford Aurora Leggings 12
Wolford Aurora Leggings 13

      Being black and total matte, the appearance can be a bit plain.  Yet, it had a look of high quality.  Moreover, the leggings hug the legs very well, thus showing the silhouette of the lower body.  Any characteristics of your lower body will show, or even amplified.

      Since there is no gusset, you can wear it as trousers, as suggested in the product description.  The fabric did start to get fluffy after wearing it several times.  This may have been a result of constant rubbing between the leggings and the carpet while practicing yoga.

Wolford Aurora Leggings 14
Wolford Aurora Leggings 15
Wolford Aurora Leggings 16
Wolford Aurora Leggings 17
Wolford Aurora Leggings 18

      It may look like an ordinary pair of leggings from a distance, but it is high quality made.  The material is exceptionally soft, making it very comfortable to the skin.  It is also pretty stretchy.  I have been wearing it during my yoga practice several times before I wrote this review.  The leggings didn’t tear.

      The leggings are opaque but not particularly thick or weighty.  It provides decent warmth and breathability.  It is best suited for spring and autumn season, both indoors and outdoors.

Final words

      The Aurora Leggings is a great product and I love it very much!  I really look forward to the collection expanding to bodysuits and hosiery.

  The leggings is currently available for €120, £120 or USD$205.  I was told that the entire collection is categorised as basic essentials so chance of big reduction is scarce.  You however, can buy from third party online retailers, which do offer discounts from time to time.

Wolford Online Shop (English)

      If you like Wolford leggings, do check out my review on Viscool leggingshere. It gives a totally different sensation to the Aurora Leggings.

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