Comparison Review: Falke Seidenglatt 15 tights vs. Pure Shine 15 tights (Updated: 27 Apr 19)

      One of my readers asked for a comparison between Falke Seidenglatt 15 and Pure Shine 15 tights.  Since I just bought the new version of the Seidenglatt 15 tights, I thought “why not compare three of them together?”

      To facilitate reading, I have abbreviated Pure Shine 15 tights to PS15 throughout the article.  Also, I use Seidenglatt New/Previous to describe the two versions of Seidenglatt 15 tights.  In addition, all images are arranged in the following order: Seidenglatt New, Seidenglatt Previous and PS15.


Seidenglatt 15 New (late 2018)Seidenglatt 15 PreviousPure Shine 15
Denier:15 den appearance15 den appearance15 den appearance
Appearance:slight sheen, mirror shineshiny, glittering shineshiny, glittering shine
Waistband:knitted, 3.5cm wideknitted, 2cm wideknitted, 2cm wide
Finger band:NoYes, 3cm wideYes, 4cm wide
Reinforced toe:YesYesYes
Reinforced heel:NoNoNo
Composition:88% polyamide and 12% elastane89% polyamide and 11% elastane89% polyamide and 11% elastane
Colour selection:11
Price:€16 or £16€14 or £14€14 or £14

Similarities and differences

First look & packaging

      Since they are all made by Falke, the packaging is identical.  Having said that, it is pretty straightforward to identify the three styles.  Falke print the name of the style on the centre and top left corner of the front cover in capital letters.  So there is no ambiguity between PS15 and both versions of the Seidenglatt 15.  Within the Seidenglatt 15, Falke has made a few changes, notably:

  • Icons showing “NEW QUALITY” and “COMFORT WAISTBAND” on the front cover of the new version;
  • Different article number: new version is 40490 while the previous version is 40493;
  • Different price: new version is €2 or £2 more than the previous version.

      Based on these differences, you are less likely to choose the wrong version.

Falke Seidenglatt 15 Late 2018 02
The new version of Seidenglatt 15 tights. Notice the two icons on the either side of the model.
Previous version of Seidenglatt 15 tights.
Front cover of the Pure Shine 15 tights.
Falke Seidenglatt 15 Late 2018 04
Inner packaging. Same for all three styles.

      I couldn’t comment much on the PS15 because I had one size larger.  There is however, a lot to say with regard to Seidenglatt 15.  The fit was fairly good for the previous version, and was true to the size recommendation.  The new version on the other hand, has a significantly longer hose despite being the same size (M/L).  I have attached an image below to show the difference.  The result was that the new version bagged around the knees easily.  I won’t speculate about why the new version is longer.  I did find the yarns used in the new version to be slightly less elastic than the previous version.  Since I am less than an inch away from the maximum recommended size range for M/L (5’8”), I’d say you have to be 5’8” or slightly taller to avoid bagging.

Comparison Falke Seidenglatt 15 03
Length difference between the new Seidenglatt 15 (black colour) and the previous Seidenglatt 15 (Nude colour). Both are size M/L.

      I find the waistband of the Seidenglatt New quite tight.  You can see from the image below that it has a barrel-shaped panty.  The previous version and the PS15 on the other hand, has a straight-cut panty.  This makes them more comfortable to wear if you have a wide waist like I do.

Comparison Falke Seidenglatt 15 02
The panty of the new Seidenglatt 15 is barrel-shaped, where as the previous version is more of a straight-cut panty. The new Seidenglatt 15 also has a shorter waistband circumference.


      All three styles are advertised as “shiny”.  Yet, the degree of shininess and appearance is actually quite different.  PS15 has the shiniest look among the three.  Having said that, the Seidenglatt Previous is only marginally less shiny than PS15.  Since both exhibit glittering shine, their difference can be very hard to tell.  The Seidenglatt New is slight sheen and has a mirror-shine appearance. 

      Also worth mentioning is that while having the same denier, the Seidenglatt New looked slightly sheerer than the other two styles.

Falke Seidenglatt 15 Late 2018 11
The new version of the Seidenglatt 15 tights.
Previous version of the Seidenglatt 15 tights.
Pure Shine 15 tights.
Comparison Falke Seidenglatt 15 04
The previous version of the Seidenglatt 15 tights (nude colour) is more glossy than the new version (black colour).


      All three styles were very smooth and silky to the skin, and are made in top quality.  If I have to grade them, I’d say the Seidenglatt New comes on top in terms of silkiness, while PS15 is the Smoothest among three.  The Seidenglatt Previous sits somewhere in between.  In addition, I felt the Seidenglatt New being thinner and softer than the previous version or the PS15.  The Seidenglatt Previous and PS15 were more or less the same in these aspects.

      The waistband of the Seidenglatt New was more comfortable to the touch than the previous version or the PS15.  However, the latter had a better fit.

      In terms of breathability, I would say all three styles were pretty good.

Falke Seidenglatt 15 Late 2018 10
The wide waistband of the new Seidenglatt 15 tights. Notice the digging due to smaller circumference of the waistband.

ilovehosiery advice

      After comparison I find the Seidenglatt Previous and PS15 being very similar.  The Seidenglatt New however, is very different from the previous version.  It has a wider waistband, different appearance and feel.  It’s like a new style (though bearing the same name).  However, given the extra long hose nature, I would only recommend Seidenglatt New if you are on the top end of the size range.  

      Currently, the Seidenglatt Previous and PS15 are missing from the Falke online shop.  I am not sure if they will be replaced, or are temporarily out of stock.  You should be able to find these two in physical shops or third party online retailers if you prefer them.

      If you would like to read my reviews of the three styles, you can click the link(s) below:

Seidenglatt 15 tights (late 2018)
Seidenglatt 15 tights (Previous version)
Pure Shine 15 tights


  • Added more comments in the FEEL section. (27 Apr 19)

3 replies on “Comparison Review: Falke Seidenglatt 15 tights vs. Pure Shine 15 tights (Updated: 27 Apr 19)”

Yea I thought the old seidenglatt and the ps15 were so damn similar…..why bother….just pick the cheaper of the two. Btw, my wife is plus size (18/20 bottom)and the old Seidenglatt 15 XXL fits her with room to spare. Thx for the review…. I was wondering the difference, if any between the two(3) styles. Do you prefer one over the other(for yourself)?

Liked by 1 person

Hi Derek,

The new Seidenglatt 15 also has a comfort gusset for XL-XXL. Thus it should fit your wife fine.
I am not a fan of glossy tights, so I prefer the new version more than the other two. However, I have to get the size right. I am considering buying a size M to try. Also, I am going to Germany in June. I should be able to pop into one of Falke stores and double check my findings with shop assistants. Will update the review should I have more info.



Thx Allen….. unfortunately my wife does not wear hose/tights often, if she does, it’ll be for an occasion like a wedding or xmas party, so shiny she can get away with. Matt or shiny >>> I don’t care, I’ll take what I can get 🙂

Liked by 1 person

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