Review: Wolford Wildflower Embroidery Tights

      I don’t usually buy in season collection at full price because they get discounted sooner or later.  Yet, the Wildflower Embroidery tights from Wolford’s SS19 Collection was an exception.  It looked so special, and has proven so, at least from a research perspective…

      A big thank you to @kimfox_ldn who helped me to get this pair.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Tights made with exceptional high quality. 

⊙ Smooth but stiff texture.

⊗ Lack of elasticity brought several problems, including bags and wrinkles.

Packaging & product description

      The packaging is pretty much the same as most of the Wolford tights I reviewed before.  The only addition is a note inside the packaging, which specifies wash recommendations.

      The online description has more info than that printed on the rear cover.  I have extracted it, which reads:

“Floral fantasy: These tights made of lightweight, elasticated tulle are decorated with wonderful embroidery on one side. Every pair is unique with four specially selected viscose threads, positioned by hand with meticulous attention to detail. The back seam gives the tights extra elegance and a stylish finish.”

Wolford Wildflower Embroidery 02
Wolford Wildflower Embroidery 03
Wolford Wildflower Embroidery 04

Appearance & texture

      The Wildflower Embroidery are sheer tights in matte fashion.  It is sheer-to-waist.  The total length of the tights measures 110cm long.  The distance between the tip of the waistband and the crotch is around 26cm.  The material of the tights is tulle, which is smooth but stiff to the touch.  The tights are characterised with an embroidery of flowers on the right side of the right leg, from the ankle to upper calf.  These are hand sewn using viscose threads.  In addition, there is a back seam that runs from the waistband to the tip of the toe. The seam protrudes to the inner side of the hose.  The Wolford-signature waistband measures 2.5cm wide.  It is made of elastic band, and has plush on the inner side.  The gusset is made with the same material as the rest of the tights, (i.e., not cotton).  There is no toe seam, and the toe section is not reinforced.

      The composition for the tights is 81% nylon and 19% elastane; and for the embroidery is 100% viscose.

Wolford Wildflower Embroidery Tights promotional image (Sourced from Wolford).
Wolford Wildflower Embroidery 06
Wolford Wildflower Embroidery 07
Wolford Wildflower Embroidery 08
The protruding back seams are visible.
Wolford Wildflower Embroidery 09
Wolford Wildflower Embroidery 10
The feet are not shaped.

Size range

      The size ranges from XS-XXL.  I have included the size chart below.  Size S is used for this review.

Wolford Wildflower Embroidery Tights size chart.


      There is only one colour available for the style: Black with multi-coloured embroidery.



      Getting the tights on wasn’t difficult as the embroidery are quite solid.  The problem I had was how to line the back seam in relation to the toes.  This is because there is no toe seam, and the back seam runs right to the tip of the hose.  I tried both ways, the first was having the back seam running through the centre of the sole to the edge of the toe.  The back seam was easy to align in this way but there was a feeling of stepping on a string with every step.  The second was to have the back seam act like a toe seam.  It then runs alongside the outer edge of the foot, turning towards the sole before going upwards through the centre of the heel.  By doing so, the back seam won’t end up right in the middle of the sole, thus no funny feeling of stepping on a string.

Wolford Wildflower Embroidery 17
Above and below: having the back seam directly under the sole.
Wolford Wildflower Embroidery 18
Wolford Wildflower Embroidery 15
Above and Below: having the back seam running on the edge of the toes and foot.
Wolford Wildflower Embroidery 16

      The fit was relatively good thanks to my height.  Despite a fair amount of elastane, the tights still lacked elasticity.  This posed a few problems.  First of all, the tights bag and wrinkle easily.  This is worsened if you are not tall enough to fully stretch the tights.  Secondly, it couldn’t adhere the silhouette of the legs.  This was especially the case at the lower calf and ankle, where the leg is the thinnest.  Similarly, I found there was little room for my toes to move around, because of my wide feet.  The waistband was fine and I had no issues on such.


      If you could stretch the tights fully, the look is actually very good.  The embroidery was made in very high quality and stood out from the rest.  People who see it would know this is not an ordinary pair of tights.

      Wolford didn’t state the denier of the tights.  My experience tells me it lies somewhere between 20-30 (sheer to semi-sheer).  Also, the tights exhibits reflective sheen under direct sunlight.  By the looks of it, the back seam 

      As I said earlier, the tights bag below the knees whenever I straighten my legs from a bent position.  Wrinkles tend to develop at the front side of the ankles.  Wearing high heels can ease the wrinkles (the feet are straightened in relation to the calf).

Wolford Wildflower Embroidery 13
Wolford Wildflower Embroidery 12
Bags just below the hips are visible.
Wolford Wildflower Embroidery 14
Exceptional quality of hand-sewn embroidery.
Wolford Wildflower Embroidery 19
Wolford Wildflower Embroidery 20

      As you would have expected, the tulle nature made the tights feel smooth but stiff.  This was perceivable that to hand-sewn the embroidery, artisans have to have something harder to work on.  The tights also have very little stretchiness.  This means there was very good envelopment on areas where you can expand the tights to its maximum, and vice versa.

      The back seam protrude inwards, but in reality, I didn’t feel it at all.  Nor did the embroidery cause any discomfort.  Despite being sheer, the tights trap heat easily, and thus could feel quite warm inside.

Final words

      It was very interesting for me to study the different materials used in this style.  It is very unique, but only best suited for people who can stretch the tights to its maximum.

The style is available now, for a price of €70, £70 or USD$120.

Wolford Online Shop (English)

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