March 2019 Newsletter – Autumn arriving

      Summer used to be my favourite season.  The canon of cicadas’ droning noise paired with a glass of chilled beer is the best!  However, the rise in temperature in recent years really make summer unbearable, even in N.Z.  Autumn, with gradual cooling climate and picturesque scenery wins my heart.  It is also one of the seasons that I can fully test all kinds of hosiery.


      Last month has been a productive one.  There were three reviews, focusing on a pair of shiny tights, opaque tights and seamless tights.  There is also one comparison review between shiny tights by Oroblù and CdR.  I also revised the previous review of Heist’s The Nude, now differentiated with an “early 2017”.  If you haven’t read any of these fantastic reviews, the links are right here:

How Hosiery is made – from the words of Hosiery for Men

      Blogger of Hosiery for Men shares his visit to Wolford Headquarters in his most recent blog.  Part I of his blog includes detailed info of how hosiery, (namely tights and stockings) are made.  It is definitely worth reading.  Links are as follows:


      I have some exciting styles to share with you this month, so do come to my blog from time to time.  Or, simply subscribe to ilovehosiery, and you won’t miss any of my detailed reviews.

P.S.  The full moon is said to be the biggest for the years to come.  I didn’t have the appropriate equipment to capture it, nor was the picture taken at the perfect time.  But to be able to see it was already fortunate (it was cloudy the next evening).

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