Review: Wolford Fine Cotton Rib tights

      As the weather becomes cooler, I am finally able to pull out some of the higher denier styles for review.  The Fine Cotton Rib tights from Wolford is the first one on my review list.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ The toe, sole and the heel are separately knitted to provide comfortable fit.
⊕ Warms the legs fast.
⊕ Gender neutral.

⊗ Slimmer legs look via the stripes is offset by the thick nature of the tights.
⊗ Minor quality issues such as pulls and snags.

Packaging & product description

      The packaging uses the thin cardboard, tri-fold cardboard and transparent plastic sleeve manner.  This has been the standard for most Wolford hosiery packaging.  The absence barcode and the 01/14 on the bottom right corner of the rear cover hints that the item was made a long time ago.

      The product description online and on the rear cover are the same, which reads:

“Elegant opaque tights with fine ribbed detailing give a pinstripe effect and create endless-looking legs. The mix of cotton ensures comfortable wearing and simultaneously creates a stylish look. The sleek knitted soles, toe tips and heels guarantee comfort.”

  • Sewn-on waistband with the Wolford logo
  • Integrated heel support ensures the perfect fit in the foot area
  • High cotton content
  • Cotton gusset
Wolford Fine Cotton Rib tights 02
Wolford Fine Cotton Rib tights 03

Appearance & texture

      The Fine Cotton Rib are opaque tights in matte fashion.  The total length of the tights is 94cm when laid on a flat surface.  The distance between the tip of the waistband and the crotch is 23cm.  The stripes runs vertically from below the waistband to the toe section.  They are 2mm wide at the panty, and gradually narrow down to 1mm at the foot.  The texture is soft and very cotton to the touch.  The Wolford-signature waistband measures 2cm wide.  It is made of elastic band with plush on the inner side.  There is a cotton gusset.  The toe, sole and heel are separately knitted and are without stripes (sleek design).

      The composition is 59% cotton, 33% nylon and 8% elastane.

Wolford Fine Cotton Rib Tights promotional image (sourced from Wolford)
Wolford Fine Cotton Rib tights 05
Wolford Fine Cotton Rib tights 06
Wolford Fine Cotton Rib tights 07

Size range

      The size ranges from XS to L.  I have included the size chart below.  Size S is used in this review.

Wolford Fine Cotton Rib Tights size chart.


      Originally there were 5 colours available: Mocca, Navy, Black, anthracite and Raven.  Now it is subject to availability.  I bought Anthracite for this review.

Wolford Fine Cotton Rib Tights colour selection.



      My first impression was the tights are unusually long for a small size.  However, the fit turned out to be pretty good.  The extra length was probably made to compensate the relative small amount of elastane.  The only problem I had was I need to pull the foot section so the knitted heel sits where it supposed to be.

      The envelopment was moderate.  The tights gently hug the legs and the lower torso.  The tights did budge down after wearing it for a while.  This was conceivable due to the higher denier nature of the tights.  In addition, the waistband fitted comfortably, and I had no issues while wearing.


      The vertical stripes has an optical effect to make the legs look longer and slimmer.  However, this was offset by the high denier nature of the tights, which makes the legs look bulky.  The result was I still have the pinstripe look, but it didn’t make my legs look slimmer.

      The stripes only expanded a little: from 2mm to 5mm at the panty and 1mm to 2mm at the foot.  Wolford didn’t state the exact denier of the style.  From my experience, it is somewhere between 60-80.  Given the cotton-look and the dark colours available, the tights would look natural for men.

      With regard to quality, the build was good and looked to be very durable, but the one I bought has some pulls and snags.


      The texture really felt like cotton.  It was like wearing a pair of fine cotton socks, but up to the waist.  It was not particularly soft or smooth, when compared to nylon-based tights.  In addition, the legs did get warmed up pretty fast (ambient temperature was around 14°C).

Wolford Fine Cotton Rib tights 10
Wolford Fine Cotton Rib tights 11
Wolford Fine Cotton Rib tights 12
Wolford Fine Cotton Rib tights 13
Wolford Fine Cotton Rib tights 14
Wolford Fine Cotton Rib tights 15
Wolford Fine Cotton Rib tights 16

Final words

      The Fine Cotton Rib tights are great for its gender neutral look.  However, the slim effect by the pinstripes are canceled out by the thickness of the tights.  This makes it somewhat less attractive.

      The original price for the style was £35, €39 or USD$67.  Now you can get it at half the cost on the official website.

Wolford Online Shop (English)

      If you like tights with pinstripes, do check out my review on Kunert’s Raffinesse Pinstripe tights here.

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